Conquest tourn. spring 2015

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Rage beat me. I was using regen and he happened to have bombard, the game ended 500hp champ vs 500hp champ, and he gained tons of points and forced me into a corner, good game rage! i asked him not to record as to not put too much pressure on either of us, but it was a pretty straight forward win. epic game dude.

12-May-2015 12:05:48

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lRageandlove said:
guys :( member got hacked, the hacker unadded everyone from his friends list. :X just a heads up

I was only inactive for like 10 days, but I still loggged in every day.
Zaros is evil: "Zaros plainly requested the use of twelve legions of demons. (..) Zaros offered the secrets of travel between the worlds, to allow the Chthonians to devour whole new races rather than be reduced to preying on each other." From Sliske's Memory

19-May-2015 09:20:57

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