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Knight Scope said:
You advertise the event on the main page. You post a link to the schedule. You list times and fc's and get people wound up and the hosts dont even bother to show up.

You want people to show up for events and to trust Pmods and support community events and then you pull this garbage.

2:00 game time world 64 in Greg lobby and no one there.

These hosts should be banned

Hi there,
I'm assuming you're talking about my event.

The simplest answer I can possibly say is: Timezones. :P

So to rid of all this confusion, we always go by the in-game clock. Assuming you're in North America, just because on a Tuesday night you see it's 2:00 game time, it actually means it's 2am Wednesday in game. (This is due to Jagex being based in the UK)

The best way to also check when the very next pmod event pmod event will be is to just hover your mouse over your in-game clock.

I do hope you haven't lost faith in us, because I do believe it was a simple misunderstanding.

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15-Mar-2018 12:39:56

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Just to add to the above: there are two Twitter accounts that you can follow to keep updated on when the next event will be:

@JagexClock - Advertises events 15 minutes prior to starting
@PinkSkirstRS - Advertises events 5 minutes prior to starting

If in doubt, just post and ask! :D

The PMod events are typically hosted by two people at a time to ensure that if one cannot make it then the other can. On top of that most of the event hosts are part of a direct message chat where they can say if they can't make it with the ability to easily request somebody to take over. Life does sometimes get in the way though fortunately hosts are able to make it to their events the vast majority of the time. :)

Other members of the team occasionally attend other events as well, so events are virtually always covered. :D

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15-Mar-2018 14:43:21

Knight Scope
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Knight Scope

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If thats the case, then it would help me and all the others that were there if you properly expressed the 24 hour clock. There is no 2:00 on a 24 hour clock, its 02:00

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I made a mistake with submitting my event for tonight it seems :(.
Juhn and I will still host the Skill & Chill event at world 3, spring fayre (instead of Godwars Dungeon, which is stated on the first page).

I'm so sorry if I confused anyone!
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