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Definitely going to KK mass on Xmas eve. Can't make the one on 16th due to Livid Farm. "While Guthix Sleeps, the World Wakes to the Fate of the Gods and the Children of Mah in Sliske's Endgame..."

11-Dec-2017 18:33:10

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Capricornio said:
Will this mass event, get me a kill to help tick off Reaper title?

What do I do if the FC is full?

If the FC is full, we will announce a second FC in game! (This will be the Co-Host FC in most cases)

EDIT: If you manage to get enough damage on the boss, it will count towards the Reaper Title. If you still have problems getting the KC required for the Reaper title, feel free to PM me ingame and I could duo the boss with you (except for Kalphite King and AOD)
T: @Steve20058

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The AOD event was great! Thank you Isolophobe and Athina. :)

At first, being an
, I stupidly couldn't figure out how to get in, begging, nay, pleading to be invited. But once I figured that out*, all went well despite dying three times.

A few others were wondering how to join the group, but in the end, everyone managed to fight the AOD.

*Click door, enter group name, i.e., 'Isolophobe', and enter the key given by the group leaders. Also, be in the friend chat first.

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