Bronzed and sunburned title?

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With the heat wave here, it says:

"Note: While you won't need to reset your cap, you can still do so if you wish – handy if you're chasing the 'Bronzed' or 'Sunburned' titles."

However, when I try to eat an ice cream to reset the thermometer it still says I have brain freeze, so I cannot reset it and therefore, it doesn't seem like I can get these titles.

Any help would be appreciated. :)

11-Aug-2017 21:11:31

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I have "
the Bronzed
" from previous years.
I have 25 total thermometers right now, and haven't unlocked "
the Sunburned
I'm rather agitated right now.

... You guys may want to see this.
According to some sources, you need
total full thermometers. OMFG. If this compiles year after year, it'd be practically IMPOSSIBLE to play "catch-up".
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