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Whether you joined us via livestream or in person/cosplay, RuneFest this year was a blast. Like, Saradomin-on-a-skateboard levels of awesome. Here's a little something we've put together to prove it:

...Blessed are the video guys.

Undoubtedly, a highlight was the opportunity to be among the first to play OSRS and RS on mobile. And while the version we brought with us was rather embryonic and lacking a mobile UI, it's safe it say it was a critical hit, with some pros defeating the likes of even Arraxor and Telos! Colour us impressed.

Expect more periodic updates over the coming months. But for now, here are some primitive UI mockups for your perusal and enjoyment. Expect the finished product to look somewhat different.

Mobile UI mockup - combat

Mobile UI mockup - expanded

We need to make sure we get this right, and our next step is putting the early version up on Google Play for a series of small-scale alpha tests. These will open up to more of you over time, so make sure you've registered your interest in either the OSRS or the RS betas.

IMPORTANT: We haven't sent out any beta invites yet, but there are some party-poopers out there who are pretending otherwise. We'll let you guys know when this happens, so in the meantime keep an eye on our social media accounts and don't open any suspicious emails!

You enjoyed your game at RuneFest. Get ready to enjoy it anywhere.

The RuneScape Team

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I know you guys mentioned Google Play for android folks, but what about iOS users?

Could we get some kind of relief that it will really be played on iPhone/iPad devices? We've mostly only seen Samsung/androids demos which is worrisome for me.

14-Oct-2017 00:59:47

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Looks good. Need to start saving for one of those iPhone pluses, I think.
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14-Oct-2017 02:04:28

Dr Esa
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Dr Esa

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For the bottom picture can you guys please give the option to make it where the entire interface is in the larger left rectangle so that the inventory doesn't get in the way?

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i Just want to give u guys a tip for runescape mobile client.
i've seen a vid on youtube someone playing to oldschool.

but of what i seen u need to click screen for running opening chests like in pc client.
but what if you guys put a joystick in the client for running and when u next to chest u can click button to easy open it,

would be totaly different then pc version of the game, but it will work better.
most mobile games with good controls have joystick type for running in MMOR**'s

if everything will go Well i think. maybe lot of old players who played runescape early days are some years ago will see in playstore i think they will download it and start playing again.

and they will stay if there is a good working system. hope app works* great signed up for both rs and osrs.

im enjoying this well, my last Question is about darkscape i played it from begin till end im still dont know why it is canceled? i did get my xp reward on main runescape server but my lil brother did not get the xp reward on his account.

14-Oct-2017 11:39:36

Kaiser Nero

Kaiser Nero

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There is one thing I do not like about RuneScape Mobile in general. That is that Oldschool is first with releasing it. Releasing OS first will put RuneScape 3 in the shadow as it is already with ads. Friends of mine who don't play RS ask me about deadman mode but they didn't know about the real, good Runescape. So players will download OS Mobile, play, quit because of the terrible combat system and graphics. This wouldn't be the case with RS3 Mobile first. First come first hype.

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