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Calendar 2017

Welcome, welcome,
nice to see you found your way to this year’s “Xmas Advent-ure Calendar Forum”, where riddles, lost reindeers, entertainment and prizes await!

Check back every day in December to crack the puzzle of the day and get a chance to win an exciting reward by doing so. On Saturday and Sunday bigger loot awaits, so you only get one task over those two days.

And because December can be a busy month with visiting friends and family, going to dinners and parties and organising presents, we’ll give you until 14:00 game time on Tuesday, the 2nd of January, to submit your final answers. Please post only once per account, double entries will be ignored. The winners will be published in the forums and will also receive an inbox message from us, once the competition is over.

Now jump on it and discover where this Advent(ure) leads you this festive season:

1st December

2nd & 3rd December

4th December

5th December

6th December

7th December

8th December

9th & 10th December

11th December

12th December

13th December

14th December

15th December

16th & 17th December

18th December

19th December

20th December

21st December

All our daily riddles and competitions are in accordance with our
Competition Terms and Conditions

Also, feel free to use this thread to wish all of your fellow ‘Scapers a lovely Christmas and discuss your skilling plans for the upcoming month!

To a lovely December,

Your RuneScape Team

(and Mod Purpur, who usually takes care of German RuneScape business, but decided to come and spread the festive spirit in the English forums too *waves*)

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We are all snowmen in Santa's army, prepping for taking over the world.
War is cold.
War is coming to heck.
Soon, heck itself will freeze over with the merriments from the north.
Ho. Ho. Ho.
Glad tidings are coming for you.
Are you questioning my insanity or my incompetence?
Some seek refuge in audacity. I seek refuge in absurdity.

01-Dec-2017 18:30:29

Apr Member 2017


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Thank you for doing this!!! :)

Mod Purpur? Freie Sachen bitte!!!!
………. ,*˜*, ……. ,•°*•, … You'll … ,•*°•, …… ,*˜*, .………
„*˜……“• •“………'·,¸¸,‘•°. thank .°•',¸¸,·'……..“• •“……˜*„
“‹„¸¸„ •°`' · . ,¸¸, . · ‘ … me later … ' · . ,¸¸, . · '´°•„¸¸„›“

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