20th of December 2017

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20th of December 2017

Hi and welcome to the 20th day of the
Advent-ure Calendar

Today is a great day to come up with something fun! Weve got a screenshot for you and your task for today is
to give us an amusing subtitle
for it.

What is happening in the picture? What could Amascut und Brassica Prime possibly say to each other?

Today you could win
one month of membership
, if you're one of the funniest or most creative contributors.

The usual
Terms and Conditions

Because this is a creative competition I will not hide any posts - you can check out for a laugh what your fellow players wrote :)

Get creative ^_^

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Amascut: I hope there are souls in these presents.
Brassica Prime: What on cabbages are you talking about?? I command these presents to have the power of highly concentrated nutrients. Souls don't compare to the greater force of deliciousness.
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20-Dec-2017 12:25:35

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They say that Christmas Spirit is the best so I'm waiting here to devour Santa's SOUL!

Brassica Prime:
Hmph, Santa is just a Mascot for my spiky green friend over there!
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Amascut: We need to come up with a brand new event around this area.
Brassica Prime: Why would you think such a thing? We already have enough of them as it is!
Amascut: I need players to be distracted yet again. It will be way easier for me to gain more control over the lands.
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Amascut - yeah. Sliske holds a party and everybody shows up. I hold a party, and I just get the vegetable. Why do people think I'm crazier than a room full of foxes in a psychiatric ward? Do they ever stop to think how the foxes got in there in the first place?
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amascut: dear santa, i finally stopped collecting human souls, can i get a present now?

(santa's voice): yes i have left you some presents near lumbridge

(amascut is going there and meets brassica prime)

brassica prime: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!! that tree out there, it was my uncle, and you tortured him by tearing him out of the grond and strangling him with lights. i will make you pay for this.

amascut: sigh... i can't ever do anything good can i? i'll just go back to soul hunting then.

20-Dec-2017 13:53:04

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Amascut: Pretty please... just one present.

Brassica Prime: It's funny, I used to know this beggar who almost ruined Christmas many years ago. Luckily I turned him into a tree before he could open that one last presents.

Amascut: :|

Brassica Prime: But anyways, nothing to worry about, how can Christmas possibly be ruined this holiday. We have this beautiful and well decorated Christmas tree with all these presents scattered everywhere.

*Brassica Prime looks around and Amascut is no where to be found*

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