2nd & 3rd December of 2017

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2nd & 3rd of December 2017

Hi and welcome to the 2nd and 3rd day of the
Advent-ure Calendar
and our first weekend post!

It’s only the beginning of December, but it’s never too early to start thinking about presents – so this weekend, I have a competition for you.

Here’s my question:
Which NPC in RuneScape deserves a great Christmas present – and what would you give to them?

Between all the replies, we’ll pick one of the most creative ones and award them with
28 keys and 200 RuneCoins
! So be thoughtful and generous and maybe we’ll give something back to you ;)
Since this is a creative competition, we won't hide your replies!

To go ahead with a good example, I went to bring lots of presents to the rewards trader, the honourable Marmaros Thokson, who always hands out awesome dungeoneering rewards to others and is there for you day and night – what a lovely person! In my presents, I have some calming teas for him, to stop him from shaking, some cookies and some ear muffs against the cold.

The usual
Terms and Conditions

Good luck!

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Green Cafe
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Green Cafe

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I would like to give Diango some presents, since he stores all our treasure hunter item, and all items that we usually destroy are held by Diango, thus saving us some bank space.

Since he gives alot to us the players, I would like to give back by rewarding him some food, a chair so he can finally sit, and a bigger toy stall.
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02-Dec-2017 12:25:17

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I'd give Hel**r his wand and orb back, so he could learn combat magic too instead of always shapeshifting to a wolf-bear-stag and using melee! > )
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Wyrm Yiazmat

Wyrm Yiazmat

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i would give zamorak a rubber turkey.

because you probably are curious why, here is the reason: when zamorak was young, he was actually a normal person. his mom zamorina was working on thanksgiving, and totally forgot to give his sweet son zamorak a thanksgiving feast. he became so angry that he promised to become the god of chaos, destruction, evil.
because of his anger and sadness that his mom forgot him a long time ago, he managed to become the god of all those things (he is really a emotional type).
but in secret he is actually the one making the rubber turkeys and off hand rubber turkeys, because deep inside he is still a big turkey lover. so giving him a rubber turkey as a present might remind him of his mom, and his friendly childhood days. and that might bring the good person back into him.

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I would like to give my present to Max, because he is skilling 24/7 even though he is maxed :). I would give him teleport token to Karamja beach so he can relax a bit and gain some energy and strenght so he can get his baterries full.

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I'd give my present to... *Sliske's laugh emanates* Relomia !?!

It turns out that the WG doesn't get much choice who gets presents!
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I would give Skippy honey teas to soothe his throat and crates of empty Karamja Rum bottles so he can continue his hobby of bellowing random threats and throwing bottles at mudskippers.

02-Dec-2017 13:16:28

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I think Anja deserves a great Christmas present because she is very nice and charitable and supports poor people like me throughout the year!

I would give Anja a supply of partyhats because I am sure Anja would not hoard them for herself. Instead, she would share them with others, making other people happy, and Anja is happy when she can make other people happy! That's what Christmas is all about! Cheers!
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02-Dec-2017 13:43:53

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