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I am using a Samsung Galaxy S9+ a frequent issue is difficultly putting in my bank pin.
It would appear it occasionally select the wrong numbers inadvertently.

It's the only constant issue I have that hurts game play.

Other improvements would be cleaning up the GUI using Osrs as a template might help. Their mobile app works very well.

15-Oct-2018 00:17:46

Hunter 24681
Oct Member 2017

Hunter 24681

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So far I'm very impressed with the transition to mobile; the interface, while less intuitive and navigable than the desktop version, does a lot with what it has. Currently I only have two issues with the app.

The app always boots to revolution combat, it will not hold my legacy setting. Not sure if it will hold full manual. Legacy, at least, has to be changed each time.

I'd like a magic tab, or even a combat tab that expands to spells and combat info from the desktop version. Especially in legacy, the only way to change autocast or select what kind of xp you earn in combat is to go through the combat settings option that appears when you click the combat button on the left.

Although the second issue is more QOL, and I don't think it's really a problem, I do think it's important for your combat settings to be stored properly.

Otherwise I'm really enjoying the mobile experience so far.

15-Oct-2018 00:50:30

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Is there any way we can get a text message to approve authentication when logging in like Blizzard has done between their mobile app and authenticator? It would be so much easier than opening two apps and bouncing back and forth between them.

15-Oct-2018 03:15:05



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Galaxy S7 Edge -
Was able to have a play around with RS3 whilst on my recent night shifts.

Capped at Citadel
Completed Slayer task
Player Owned Farm tasks (plus banking, plus Grand Exchange usage)
Guthix' Tears

So far, no problems at all - Well done.
Proudly scaping since 2002

15-Oct-2018 08:28:02

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The most annoying issue that is keeping me from using this for long periods of time is that I can't minimize the game to check text messages etc. without having to log to re-enter my password and log back in. Being on a cell phone it's extremely inconvenient to be logged out when just changing a song or sending a text. Tried removing Runescape from the battery optimization setting in Android, but this does not fix anything.

15-Oct-2018 13:48:26

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Using a Samsung S8.

Firstly it runs well, don't think I've had any notable issues. It's a little slow to come back if I minimise it to do something else e.g. check Discord or look at the wiki (wiki integration would be great in general:P).

Buttons are too small!! I have no end of trouble especially with the curved edges of my S8, I really struggle to click to close any window or even open the chat. It will take many presses, and it often isn't on the button where I need to click. The new NPC chat window is excellent, and a good example of the size of buttons that are needed.

In a similar vein bank and inventory management are a huge pain, everything is too small and dragging items around will just mess up my bank, the bank interface needs it's own interface with big icons.

Combat - I'm yet to do any as it's too much trouble to mess with my action bars, more are needed so I can have some more mobile friendly ones!
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15-Oct-2018 18:44:30

King Da vid
Nov Member 2017

King Da vid

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-Hint button on Clue Scroll Puzzles not working.
-Feel like there should be a way to resize some windows or edit the layout.
-There is no way to find oddments
-Maybe add more room for another ability bar

15-Oct-2018 19:55:04

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~Suggestions for phones with smaller screens~

~ The Runescape logo takes up 50% or more of the login screen making it more difficult to login, make it smaller or remove it completly and enlarge the login buttons just like the Old School Runescape app making it more mobile friendly to use

~ Give the user an option to decide wether or not the device should save the password in order to make login easier just like the Old School Runescape app offers.

~ Offer several sizes for the ingame icons so every user can set the right size instead of trying to fiddle with extremely small icons all the time.

~ Perhaps break up the icon bar on the right hand of the screen in two and put a few larger icons on the left side aswell, or atleast give the user the option to do this to improve the usability.

~ Make the logo of the Runescape 3 app more distinguish in comparison to the Runescape Companion app as they currently are pretty much the same.

~ Do not completely log out the user whenever he or she switches from Wifi to Mobile network or vise versa.

~ Make it possible for mobile users to use quickchat.

~ Give an option to hide the unread messages counter underneath the chat window.

~ Give a warning before opening internet pages when in lobby (as this is very annoying on phone since icons are all so small), and to avoid more annoyances also give an option to disable this warning.

~ Enlarge "Play Now" Button in Lobby

~ Enlarge cross button to close Options menu

15-Oct-2018 20:20:38 - Last edited on 15-Oct-2018 20:24:00 by HCIM NOODLES

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RS mobile works good good job .

But it would be nice if mobile had it's own action bars but up so we won't have to be changeing are bars back and forth from PC to mobile thanks for the app and keep up the work

Useing ZTE blade x max

15-Oct-2018 21:38:14 - Last edited on 15-Oct-2018 21:42:07 by SquiverxX

Crone Storm
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Crone Storm

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Hey guys, on mobile, i am having a graphics issue doing clue scrolls, especially puzzlea, as if the peice rotations on the puzzle cannot keep up with the input speed. And looks solves on my phone is completely incorrect. Thanks for everything yall do, especially for us americans!

16-Oct-2018 02:36:21

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