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Anima Nexus
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Anima Nexus

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Please allow us to resize or have a larger size option for trekking across runescape. Things like farm runs are difficult with all of the trees, i end up with a full inv of logs by the end of it, so I've resorted to moving mostly via the mini map, which to me seems a bit too mini. I quite like being able to minimise the map and would prefer a more invasive map, and smoother minimising.

To me, in rs if you're moving you arent doing much else at that moment so having a larger map to interact with would not impede my gameplay in any way. Perhaps if the minimap was able to be sized to "minimap+the menu below it" and when one of those menus is opened the map would half-size to the size it is currently.

Thanks for reading my post :)

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I agree there should be a way to increase the size of minimap. The rectangle map forces you to move the screen 90* away from the direction your going so you can get the long part of minimap and actually be able to utilize minimap.

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Petrafied said:
yeah Minimap great. mine disappeared and I can't get it back

Hold your fingertip on the compass until the map menu opens and click on "toggle minimap".

On a side note I would love to have a smaller chat box.
I know we have 3 sizes, but I want to be able to resize the active chat box.
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15-Oct-2018 17:20:20

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What it needs is full on ui customization just like the pc client where you can place and resize anything you want.

As for getting the minimap back if you close it, you tap and drag the compass to open it, same with closing it.

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