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Quick find code: 435-436-227-66053201

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Device name
: O*po A73
: New Zealand
: Yes
: Yes (Not ATM)
: Andriod 7.1.1

Playtime (Approx)
: Just logged in (~3 hours total on Mobile)
What is the issue?
: Tapping in the bank pin always shows up as incorrect.
I have my app set to full screen mode.
I have managed to tap in my pin correctly in a previous Mobile session, however I have gotten it incorrectly too, just not enough time to lock me out.
Where is the issue?
: Runescape bank interface
Does restarting the client fix the issue?
: Unwilling to try as I have already been locked out for 10 mins.

App is awesome BTW. Some additional feedback could be making the player owned ports buttons a little bigger (esp. the close window button), and displaying errors - such as when attempting to send a cut-scene/adventurer voyage via the captains log - as a popup box rather in chat which cannot be seen.
Cheers :)

14-Oct-2018 23:37:36

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Same issue here. It happens Every time when i try to Enter bank. Usually i get in after 3 tries. This time i got locked out For 10 mins.

Device: nokia8
Model: TA-1012
Using wifi and 4g both.

15-Oct-2018 10:47:05



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Sames! This is heavily restricting my game play. More often then not it fails. It works perhaps every one in 5 times, but I usually reach the 10 minutes block before that and just close out.

My only issue so far!

15-Oct-2018 20:35:18

The Big Chip
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The Big Chip

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Best way i found to bypass this glitch is to long press each pin and select it the long press menu. Though it still messes up from time to time as well just not as much.

Im on a samsung S8+
Android version 8.0.0

16-Oct-2018 12:47:50

Rinus 46
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Rinus 46

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Hi there,

This is most likely due to the delay between your taps. I've also addressed that issue in my thread.

Currently I have been working around it by pressing the first digit, long pressing in the bank interface where no digits are, then tapping the 2nd digit and so on.

What currently is happening is that it'll register your 2nd tap on the same place as your first, which will make you type your bank pin incorrectly.
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16-Oct-2018 14:59:57

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