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So yesterday my abilities wouldn't activate including ultimates however thats because my actionbar was locked so i couldn't tap. I unlocked it and it worked fine. Today after the update no matter if the ability bar is locked or unlocked everytime i try press my abilities it comes up with massive numbers to change which one I want.

Is there a fix? I'm tryna do telos here :/

Thanks in advance

15-Oct-2018 13:14:27

Fairuza Skye
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This is an issue for me too. It was something done for the update. I can't use anything, ability or item, from the bottom action bar. It doesn't matter where you tap on the bottom ability bar you can't use any of the slots. You instead only get the numbers to change which action bar is in use. Revolution works, but to manually press anything to use on the bar doesn't work. Locking and unlocking bar doesn't work to fix it.

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17-Oct-2018 22:03:42

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I playrd around with the settings so I tried everything even clearing the cache just in case
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17-Oct-2018 23:11:52

Mod Giara

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Hi everyone

The current design that is implemented is that the bottom bar is your revolution bar. The buttons on this bar are non-intractable (hence their small size). The bar will just go through your revolution rotation in order.

As was mentioned earlier in the thread you can have revolution trigger thresholds and ultimates should you desire it. If you would prefer to fire those abilities manually you can add them to the larger bar that is split into two on mobile.

This is unlikely to change for revolution mode. We are aware that it is counter intuitive to offer the full manual mode on mobile and then remove an action bar from users (revo bar is hidden in full manual combat) it was the assumption from our devs and designers that revolution would be the primary combat method used on mobile. However there is scope to improve combat UI/UX prior to launch.

Any suggestions or ideas you have, this forum is the place for them.

In the mean time, follow LunaLucia's advice to enable the thresholds and ultimates for revolution.
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Ahh okay, makes sense now. I did what Luna advised, but I had to put my thresholds at the start of my bar because my other skills would cool down too fast and take priority. Working much better now.

19-Oct-2018 16:55:35

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