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Oct Member 2017


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While on mobile I can't run background apps like Pandora radio or discord. They always stop working after 5-10mins after I log into the game. I have checked my settings on my phone and it's not that... Has anyone else run into this issue? I wonder if it's the runescape app.. Also, every time i exit app to turn Pandora back on, it takes me back to the log in screen. Please fix this! PresTrump

15-Oct-2018 23:49:26

Feb Member 2018


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There may not be a fix possible. I'm by no means an expert, but I've done some Android development, and it's always possible that Android closes an app in the background to clear up memory. If this is what's happening, then Runescape's simply using too much RAM. I'd try lowering my graphical settings to the lowest possible and seeing if it still happens.

16-Oct-2018 20:30:39

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