Patch Notes - 10/12

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Acra said:

I'm fine with Blackwing's posts and his concerns of us not receiving actual game updates all year long. We are in a war with the way you are programming your game and us interacting within. He has good reasoning and a lot of support. We want adventure, a product that is fun to play. Maybe I've played this game too long, I'm unsure what it is exactly, but I don't seem to have fun anymore playing this game.

Part of it could be on me, as I am not a raids person, the magister, telos, solak, ed1-3.... kinda stopped bossing after regular Nex back in 2012.... Could have something to do that I was never fond of the action bar.

You'd have to be blind not to have noticed the drop in quality and quantity of updates since MTX took over. More MTX seems to make Jagex think mainly MTX updates and XP giveaways will satisfy players, but players don't see it that way, and that is why OSRS with regular game updates and a combat system easy to learn and understand is gaining players, while RS3 with very few game updates and a lot of MTX, XP giveaways, and a hard to understand combat system is not gaining so many players.

Sometimes I wish jagex would forget about MTX and XP giveaways and concentrate on making fun and profitable content where players can earn GP and items that are useful, and interact with the environment more.

Remember when you could search crates and find things in them? Remember when trees could be chopped and not just looked at? Remember when doors could be opened and closed, and ladders climbed? Remember when you could kill NPCs and not just talk to them or look at them? Remember when you actually had to earn your levels and couldn't 'just buy them?

Remember when you could look forward to a new quest at least every couple of months, and when most content wasn't all ridiculously hard and not fun at all boss monsters?

Its a very different game we have today.

11-Dec-2018 21:06:15



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The Gowers brothers made content based on it being fun content they would want to play, not based on how much time it took to make or how expensive it was to make. And somehow they made quality content that was fun on a regular basis without it breaking the budget. Why can't Jagex do that today? Hi.

11-Dec-2018 21:13:50

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