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Saber uwu
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Imagine wanting to change the game with different weapon types when dead clicks and keybinds not working are still a huge fricking deal
shouldn't happen as much btw. happens just as much btw
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05-Aug-2019 11:27:19

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I'm asking again if the Furnace Invention perk can be disabled while woodcutting for jungle logs and jungle vines in a Big Game Hunter instance. It is a nerf for any player who intends to train regular woodcutting (at some other time), as it is one of the most efficient perks to use while woodcutting.

It's not practical to gather 4000 harmonic dust just to obtain a new Crystal Hatchet for Big Game Hunter, nor to use a Gizmo Dissolver, as the Honed 5/Furnace 2 perk combo is kind of time consuming to re-obtain (with the intention to train regular woodcutting at some other time).

It is entirely possible to make jungle trees and vines, unaffected by the Furnace perk, as stated in this patch note below from October 23, 2017 for Red sandstone...

"Red sandstone is now unaffected by the furnace perk when mining with an augmented pickaxe." -
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05-Aug-2019 12:21:10

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Ty for fixing tears of Guthix, but the quest "path of the Glouphrie" is now bugged. Its impossible to put tokens in the machine when you need to do the won***k puzzle. Nothing happens when I click on the empty slots. The tokens go to the hand, but not over in the machine when you click on it.

I have tried to log out and leave the area, doesn't help. Its a little frustrating, I've waited a week on the tears of Guthix fix only to not be able to do the next quest on my list 10 mins after I was done with ToG.

Hope you can fix this!

05-Aug-2019 12:25:19

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Draco Burnz said:
Blackwing said:
Another patch week, disappointed.

Did they ever say it was going to be anything different?

Nope, but I don't think it matters to him. If Jagex doesn't dance to his tune, he's going to be disappointed.

So he's going to be disappointed.

A lot.

I'm quite excited for the event. There are a few things which I will set my sights on the coming weeks. Nice patch, too.
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Roddy Piper
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Since the dinosaur agility course is a complete failure, can we get a new method of transportation?

Just let us teleport to the 60 little monsters we found. They seem to be strategically located for such a purpose.

In the name of balance (just look at the rest of the game) this is needed.

05-Aug-2019 13:40:21

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