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Please use this forum to give us feedback on the Weapon Diversity side of the beta that's gone live!

Full list of changes below!

- Shortsword - Reduce your maximum hit damage by 1% but increase your minimum hit damage by 3% (stacks to 2% reduced max and 6% increased min for dual-wielding shortswords)

- Rapier - Chance for your abilities in combat to not incur a GCD on your next ability, 2% with a single rapier equipped or 5% with dual-wield rapiers

- Hasta - Ability to use 2h weapon abilities whilst equipped.

- Claws - While wielding claws in the main-hand slot, 5% of damage given in a critical hit will be applied as extra damage over time that lasts for 7.2 seconds. While dual-wielding claws, the damage is increased to 10% (This is the current Scimitar effect that was on the previous Weapon Diversity BETA)

- Scimitar - For every 5% missing health on your target, you have a 0.5% increased critical chance. This effect is doubled if you're dual-wielding scimitars. (At 5% health on target, the player should have +9.5% chance to critically strike, with two scimitars this increases to 19%.)

- Longsword - When you miss with an attack, gain a 5% accuracy buff for 10 seconds. (If
you miss whilst the buff is active, the countdown is refreshed)

- Battleaxe - Deal 0.5% more damage for every 2% adrenaline above 80%. (This effect would apply AFTER adrenaline costs have been taken. Stacks if both weapons are battle axes to 1% every 2% adrenaline)

- Warhammer - Basic abilities and auto attacks will now hit all enemies around the target you're attacking. Note: This requires the warhammers to have be dual wielded to benefit from this effect


- Staff - Your ultimate abilities can no longer miss and when you cast an ultimate ability, you gain 5% accuracy for 20 seconds.

- Wand - Critical strikes reduce the cooldown of Magic abilities by 1 second.

- Orb - 5% chance to save the runes spent when your chosen spell effect occurs. In addition, we are making the Normal Spellbook spells spend runes when their effect happens to be consistent with the Ancient Spellbook.

- Book - 10% (multiplicative) increased chance for your spell effects to occur.


- Dart - Deal 5% (or 10% if dual-wielding) more damage to poisoned targets.

- Javelin - Hits all targets between the player and your target for 100% damage dealt to primary target. For example, if the player was throwing a Javelin at a target 5 squares away dealing 1,000 damage and there were two NPCs in a line between the player and the target, they would be hit for 1,000 damage in addition to the primary target.
Changes made to the first batch of weapons from Beta #1

- The Maul effect has now been applied to the Terrasaur Maul
- Shieldbows now require less adrenaline to activate, but the cost remains unchanged - so a threshold can be triggered at 40% but will still cost 15%, and an ult can be triggered at 80% but will use all adrenaline available, perks and boosts will reduce this as normal.
- Spear - The boost of this is now 40% longer - the spear always was this due to rounding, but we've now changed it to exactly 40% to reflect what was actually happening
- Maces - Prayer bonus was reduced to 150% from mainhand and 50% from offhand, when dual wielding this bonus goes to 200%.
- Throwing axes - Attacks now have a 5% chance to bind your target for 3 seconds. If your target is bind-immune, the effect instead deals 10% more damage.
- We've reduced Earth Spells damage boost by 10%.

If you want to read a list of all other weapon changes from the first beta click here!
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