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Sir Wall Ace

Sir Wall Ace

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hi, i'd like to mention 2 things.

first, i think it's unfair that magic gets two effects.
10% bonus damage from earth spell, then 100% hit ultimate chance from staff.for example. they get effect from spell, then effect from weapon too! too overpowered. i think mages should have to choose which benefit they want, the staff benefit or the spell benefit - otherwise it's not fair for ranged and melee getting just 1 benefit each.

second, these weapons are all easy to access and wear, but the hastae.
i think hastae should have the barbarian training requirement removed, so that hastae are easier to access for all players. also, the max hastae is only t60, so a better one needs to be made.

EDIT: also battle axe. there are no more battle axes after t70. make new ones.
and battle axes will make threshold abilities hit like 40% more, i think is too much.
imagine assault, adren pot, destroy both with +40% damage. too much. does +40% apply to slaughter damage?

thanks for listening

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“Effect breakdown - This means that when I hit with anything, there is a chance for the dagger to also attack the target but its "auto" damage. Whilst dual-wielding, this applies to both main-hand and off-hand if there are daggers, meaning that it is possible to hit and then hit with both daggers at the same time. The % chance will need to be playtested but there is a conservative 5% chance right now.”

So I can** decipher what the hell this means, lmao! Would anyone care to translate what tf they’re saying? XD
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01-Aug-2019 08:18:57

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Mod Shauny said:

- Javelin - Hits all targets between the player and your target for 100% damage dealt to primary target. For example, if the player was throwing a Javelin at a target 5 squares away dealing 1,000 damage and there were two NPCs in a line between the player and the target, they would be hit for 1,000 damage in addition to the primary target.

What the heck, I love javelins

Not really, though. Doesn't work too well against NPCs that pile onto a single tile.
The short range doesn't do it to many favors. Chinchompas/Decimation spec' are just much more convenient in this kind of situation.

Was hoping the javelins wouldn't suffer the same fate of chain/ricochet
(unable to hit multiple targets if the target shares the same tile),
but it does say "all targets between the player and your target",
which does stop it from being overpowered at certain things.
I suppose you could set up a combat dummy as a workaround to get the most out of it.

It's interesting how it encourages movement/positioning, but the short range makes it feel weird.
Definitely a neat idea. I might just have to get used to how restrictive it feels.

Also, you can absolutely decimate training dummies with max hit dummies.

Still hoping whips get a conal AoE every hit, by the way.
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^ Well, that’s why it’s a beta isn’t it. Perhaps they can alter it to work better. So give Javelins longer range and make it possible to hit stacked opponents.

To be fair, that isn’t the case in most situations. Further, even with that disadvantage a T92 javelin would still be superior in some instances because it’s also better against a single and stronger target than a chin.
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01-Aug-2019 20:25:45

I ate all
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I ate all

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If Off-hands are meant to be "half" the effect of the main-hand and Main-hand Maces gain strength equal to 150% of your prayer bonus, shouldn't Off-Hand Maces gain strength equal to 75% of your prayer bonus rather than 50%?

Also I think you should add a passive effect for Halberds/Lances that don't fit any of the above categories, as some "Halberds" are also swords/spears thus benefit from the respective gimmick, while other Halberds have no gimmick outside 2 tile range.


Bronze-Dragon, Invandis Flail, Crystal, Dragon Rider Lance, and Noxious Scythe count as Halberds, but Mas*tas Warspear counts as a spear and Thalassias Revenge counts as a 2H sword despite having a range of 2 tiles.

Suggested Effect: Halberds/Lances are designed for charging at a distant enemy, so their passive effect is if you don't attack anything for 3s then run to attack something, you preform an immediate charge attack that applies an "Impaled" debuff to the target. Impaled Enemies take 50% of your weapon damage over 6s. Does not work if you initiated combat with an ability like Shoulder Barge.

Handy if swapping between targets constantly, or need to stop attacking a boss to dodge an attack, then return to the boss.

01-Aug-2019 22:24:30

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Hello Jmods working on this beta / COMBAT project,

I'd like to jump in here and just say.

I've been playing since 2007.
This better not be another COMBAT update nobody asked for that again half's our playerbase [eoc*.

We are fine with our action bars and current gameplay.
People have hard mode if they are into that.

You better make darn sure this isnt going to drop our playerbase even further.
Or make content harder than new players are not even learning or trying NOW .

This isn't wow, where if i miss a defensive it's a wipe. Or i wanna be weapon swapping / trinket pressing ect.



PS - This opinion is just upon first read and a brief glance at video + No beta play.

I'm trying to be a positive player in the community. Bringing back people to rs3.

02-Aug-2019 01:24:33

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To be wholly honest, I feel the two-handed swords' c*it healing feels a little underpowered. I feel like I'm getting more healing from the Sacrifice ability or even my Blood amulet of fury, and that's with using a Zaros godsword, grimoire, and appropriate perks to get the best out of my crit chance.

Additionally, I noticed there's no Annihilation available to try in the beta, which would be a good test against a live-game weapon, considering it would treat the maul similar to a T92 weapon at a cost lower-leveled players could afford.
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02-Aug-2019 19:00:02

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Jagex, I absolutely love where you’re going with this update but it is NOT ready to be released at the end of this month. You’ve listened to some of our feedback but others you’ve entirely disregarded. These are my main concerns.

1. Some of the effects are just pure DPS buffs and don’t fill a niche. This means 1 of those will end up being better than the others effectively rendering the others obsolete.

2. Some weapons are overpowered and some are underpowered. Some weapons are better than the others even outside of their niche.

3. **** SwitchScape. There’s so much of that already. The playerbase has been quite vocal about this but many of the effects remain the same.
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02-Aug-2019 20:23:53

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