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Please use this forum to give us feedback on the Bank Placeholders/Improvements side of the beta that's gone live!

Full list of changes below!

  • Presets will now attempt to do the following when withdrawing:

  • Withdraw a lower dose of a vial if you're out of the specific dose that is set in your preset
  • Presets with scrimshaws will now withdraw the used version if that's saved, otherwise it'll look for the new variant
  • Presets with silver jewellery will always withdraw the compacted version, otherwise it'll try to find the new one
  • Presets with Urns will try to find any urns that have been started, otherwise it'll look for the empty version.

  • Pushed the manage presets button at the bottom and added the BoB icon to replace "B"

  • You can now edit each individual slot in your preset with a drag and drop from your backpack.

  • Quick Save/Load presets can now be found on right clicking a number

  • Augmentation presets now know which augmented weapon/armour to take out (Note: You’ll need to re-save your presets for this to work)

  • Bank Tabs:

  • You can now right click a Tab and customise it with a icon and name

  • We've increased the total number of Bank Tabs, we now go to 15

  • You can now right click the main bank tab icon and apply a vertical/side toggle for your bank

  • General:

  • A new style for the bank has been applied

  • With your interfaces unlocked you can now drag the bank interface however you want

  • We've added more bank space to even out total numbers (now 1,320 from 1,271)

  • The search field is now much more responsive, as a result it should now run much smoother

  • Your Money Pouch is now shown in bank interface

  • Filters/Searches display how much has been found

  • We’ve removed the delay between dropdown menus (the loading spinner)

  • Equipping from a list of searched items will no longer reset the search results

  • Placeholders:

  • Keybind added for Placeholders "P"

  • Right clicking placeholders allows you to "delete all placeholders"

  • When selecting to wield an item, it will force a placeholder regardless of the toggled option.

  • Presets will automatically leave behind a Placeholder

  • Filter:

  • We've added a filter for worn equipment

  • We've added a filter for tradeable/untradeable items

  • The Junk filter now shows items that can be returned to the Quest Point Shop, Diango, or just plain old junk.

  • Additionally, this will be listed in a "tab-styled" view so you can immediately see which areas these junk items belong in.

  • We've added a filter to show placeholdered items only

  • Withdrawing:

  • You can now customise the quantity of your left click withdraw

  • Withdraw-All: Withdraws everything and only leaves a placeholder if the option is toggled.

  • Withdraw-Placeholder: Is the same as Withdraw-all but forces a placeholder regardless of the toggled option.

  • Withdraw-X: Works the same as it does in-game regardless of the new X-value setting.

  • When withdrawing presets they automatically put down placeholders regardless of the toggled option.

  • Your bank won't shift when items are removed and there are no placeholders until the bank is closed, similar to OSRS.

  • When the equipment interface is selected, left clicking items will attempt to equip them if they are able to be equipped.
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