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There's a few things i'd like to see, but overall this is great! my only issue is that the gear stat toggle covers up your bank interface in the process. I think it would be nice if it covered space over on the right side or if you could drag it around to get it out of the way.

A little more style would also be nice. The new bank interface is incredibly plain looking in comparison to other interfaces we have in the live game.

Anything else would simply be suggestions which I suppose wouldn't hurt for me to list off!

It would be cool if we could customize where we want parts of the interface such as the tabs. Maybe some people would like to see their tabs along the side rather than the top or perhaps they want to see the inventory on the bottom rather than the side.

Rather than having one huge withdraw X button, could we possibly have 2 or 3 of them? It would be nice since some numbers like 4 or 14 are very common.

Could there be a toggle option to not instantly close the bank when you open a loadout? Even if it's a right click option. Sometimes I'd like to modify or add stuff to it before leaving such as for farming trips.

And finally, while i wouldn't expect it done anytime soon, have you considered search terms to pull up several items at once? Say I want to search for my overloads and my rocktails, it would be neat if I could search for both with say "Over & Rocktail." Or perhaps I want to see all my combat gear, but I have them spaced into different tabs. So I could search "1 & 2 & 3" to have my melee, ranged, and magic tabs all open at once without breaking my organization.

31-Jul-2019 12:15:25

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