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Please use this forum to give us feedback on the Bank Placeholders/Improvements side of the beta that's gone live!

Full list of changes below!

  • Presets will now attempt to do the following when withdrawing:

  • Withdraw a lower dose of a vial if you're out of the specific dose that is set in your preset
  • Presets with scrimshaws will now withdraw the used version if that's saved, otherwise it'll look for the new variant
  • Presets with silver jewellery will always withdraw the compacted version, otherwise it'll try to find the new one
  • Presets with Urns will try to find any urns that have been started, otherwise it'll look for the empty version.

  • Pushed the manage presets button at the bottom and added the BoB icon to replace "B"

  • You can now edit each individual slot in your preset with a drag and drop from your backpack.

  • Quick Save/Load presets can now be found on right clicking a number

  • Augmentation presets now know which augmented weapon/armour to take out (Note: You’ll need to re-save your presets for this to work)

  • Bank Tabs:

  • You can now right click a Tab and customise it with a icon and name

  • We've increased the total number of Bank Tabs, we now go to 15

  • You can now right click the main bank tab icon and apply a vertical/side toggle for your bank

  • General:

  • A new style for the bank has been applied

  • With your interfaces unlocked you can now drag the bank interface however you want

  • We've added more bank space to even out total numbers (now 1,320 from 1,271)

  • The search field is now much more responsive, as a result it should now run much smoother

  • Your Money Pouch is now shown in bank interface

  • Filters/Searches display how much has been found

  • We’ve removed the delay between dropdown menus (the loading spinner)

  • Equipping from a list of searched items will no longer reset the search results

  • Placeholders:

  • Keybind added for Placeholders "P"

  • Right clicking placeholders allows you to "delete all placeholders"

  • When selecting to wield an item, it will force a placeholder regardless of the toggled option.

  • Presets will automatically leave behind a Placeholder

  • Filter:

  • We've added a filter for worn equipment

  • We've added a filter for tradeable/untradeable items

  • The Junk filter now shows items that can be returned to the Quest Point Shop, Diango, or just plain old junk.

  • Additionally, this will be listed in a "tab-styled" view so you can immediately see which areas these junk items belong in.

  • We've added a filter to show placeholdered items only

  • Withdrawing:

  • You can now customise the quantity of your left click withdraw

  • Withdraw-All: Withdraws everything and only leaves a placeholder if the option is toggled.

  • Withdraw-Placeholder: Is the same as Withdraw-all but forces a placeholder regardless of the toggled option.

  • Withdraw-X: Works the same as it does in-game regardless of the new X-value setting.

  • When withdrawing presets they automatically put down placeholders regardless of the toggled option.

  • Your bank won't shift when items are removed and there are no placeholders until the bank is closed, similar to OSRS.

  • When the equipment interface is selected, left clicking items will attempt to equip them if they are able to be equipped.
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    30-Jul-2019 11:09:21 - Last edited on 30-Jul-2019 11:46:47 by Mod Shauny

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    Bank beta is awesome! I can hardly wait for this to go live.

    The back ground colour was a bit of a shock but after looking at the open bank and using the features for some time, I became used to it. I can now see all those black items!

    31-Jul-2019 12:05:03

    Queen Farli
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    Queen Farli

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    Brilliant thank you. The placeholders are great.

    I know you are proud of your 'empty slot' mechanic but is there a way to toggle it off and let the bank shift as before? I ask because when I take something out of the bank and put something else in I don't generally want it to go into a random slot in the middle of the bank but to the bottom to be sorted in a minute or left there. This also stops you from being able to put your mouse somewhere and just spam clicking to get out everything after that item - which is useful if your bank is full of 1x rubbish combat drops you now want to lose. Or allow you to easily move half a tab to another.

    On selecting wield a placeholder is automatically left, I like this. However if you drag a weapon to the main hand slot on the worn equipment interface it doesn't leave a placeholder automatically. I'm not sure if it SHOULD but I think it's a bit inconsistent. Just something to think about.

    31-Jul-2019 12:08:40

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    Mod Shauny said:
    Your bank won't shift when items are removed and there are no placeholders until the bank is closed, similar to OSRS.

    There should be a possibility to turn this off, it could make a mess in my bank.

    You should also make a permanent placeholders. I don't want to have to toggle placeholder option everytime I withdraw certain items.

    Possibility to store equip from bank to POH would also be great.

    31-Jul-2019 12:13:00 - Last edited on 31-Jul-2019 12:15:16 by Mikandmik

    Queen Farli
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    Queen Farli

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    Would we be able to customise the keybind for empty backpack/ beast of burden/ worn items? I's personally prefer to use 'e' to deposit my inventory and I am sure other people have other preferences for it too.

    31-Jul-2019 12:14:52

    Mr Meowstic
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    Mr Meowstic

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    There's a few things i'd like to see, but overall this is great! my only issue is that the gear stat toggle covers up your bank interface in the process. I think it would be nice if it covered space over on the right side or if you could drag it around to get it out of the way.

    A little more style would also be nice. The new bank interface is incredibly plain looking in comparison to other interfaces we have in the live game.

    Anything else would simply be suggestions which I suppose wouldn't hurt for me to list off!

    It would be cool if we could customize where we want parts of the interface such as the tabs. Maybe some people would like to see their tabs along the side rather than the top or perhaps they want to see the inventory on the bottom rather than the side.

    Rather than having one huge withdraw X button, could we possibly have 2 or 3 of them? It would be nice since some numbers like 4 or 14 are very common.

    Could there be a toggle option to not instantly close the bank when you open a loadout? Even if it's a right click option. Sometimes I'd like to modify or add stuff to it before leaving such as for farming trips.

    And finally, while i wouldn't expect it done anytime soon, have you considered search terms to pull up several items at once? Say I want to search for my overloads and my rocktails, it would be neat if I could search for both with say "Over & Rocktail." Or perhaps I want to see all my combat gear, but I have them spaced into different tabs. So I could search "1 & 2 & 3" to have my melee, ranged, and magic tabs all open at once without breaking my organization.

    31-Jul-2019 12:15:25

    Faery Oz
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    Faery Oz

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    Had some problems withdrawing items. I had "withdraw 1" on my list twice, and only the second one worked. Just clicking on the item wouldn't put it into my inventory. No idea why - bug report submitted.

    Is it possible to customise what you call the tabs. For example I want one called "food" - but this isn't an option on the list. (Cooking could be used as an alternative - but this isn't how I think of the tab contents).

    31-Jul-2019 12:16:08

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