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Seismic Wand
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Seismic Wand

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When withdrawing to worn equipment, placeholders dont work as it just swaps the item for item rather than moving the items being taken off to the end of the tab

Also when trying to equip an item in this manner than has a stack of more than 1 it'll interject the removed piece of equipment to the right of the one that was just removed

if you need further clarity tweet me @seismic_wand because i probably wont check this post again

31-Jul-2019 13:45:30

Sha Moon
Jun Member 2019

Sha Moon

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Hi there, i'm testing the bank rework, its pretty ! i love it, the only "hick" that i'm having with it is has i'm moving "placeholers" it pop ups the "right clic" option such as remove and examine which makes it a bit harder to manipulate to create a sweet and sexy bank haha ! but other than that, for now, i'm in love.

31-Jul-2019 13:57:06

Apr Member 2019


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Bank Rework Looking and feeling great. Three things that could be added/changed:

- Under "Customise Tab", please add more General Tab Names (E.g. Members Items, Clean Up, Tradeable, Armour, Weapons, Potions, Loot, Herbs, Wood, Tools etc [All the current Filters as options would be great also]).

Plz make the Tab Names list Bonkers Long, its only text and a list of items so should be easy to implement.

- Bring back "All but one" option plz. I understand Placeholders reduce the need for em, but it's still nice to have the option to leave 1 in.

- "Toggle Worn Stats" Tab - Please make this open outwards rather than over the bank interface.

31-Jul-2019 14:14:34

Jun Member 2019


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While in advanced interface edit mode (the place where you can scale minigame hud among other things) the bank is still only scalable in one direction.

Trying to drop an item into the last slot while in a tab view will move that item to the next tab instead of the last slot. Not sure if this is intentional?

Using withdraw/deposit all on a single stacked used travellers necklace in the bank or inventory will withdraw/deposit every available instance of a used travellers necklace in your bank or inventory. It also appears to cause some lag withdrawing the last instance of travellers necklace when moving items with multiple instances with this bug. This bug is found in the same manner when attempting it on an enlightened amulet.
e: I went back and I guess this is a feature in the main game. Nonetheless the last item moving lag while withdrawing items with multiple instances is still a bug.

Not sure if this is intended but removing items from the bank, switching tabs and then attempting to add the items back into the bank will slot them back into their original place rather than the tab I have currently have open. This was previously possible in the old bank; though It's not that big of deal as I just have to re-instance my banking session to get the functionality back.

31-Jul-2019 15:27:38 - Last edited on 31-Jul-2019 15:54:30 by Ibizaa

Green Kasina
Jun Member 2015

Green Kasina

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I can't seem to log into the Beta. I'm wondering if anyone else is having the same problem. My Friends Chat is always open while I'm playing. No true Gamer is ever *proud* of winning by default. Helping others proves that you are a Real Champion inside as well as out. Stay Legit! :D
I was playing 07Scape back in '07. Seek for Wisdom.

31-Jul-2019 16:18:02

Nov Gold Premier Club Member 2016


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Rework looks great so far. I have noticed a couple of things though:

(1). The link to this forum in-game is broken and results in a 404 webpage.

(2). When re-ordering tabs at the top of the bank interface, there is a bug where say I move a new tab to be in the second position going from left to right (excluding the infinity tab), then if I click on this new tab it bumps me straight into the third tab. Similarly, if I click on the third tab, it bumps be straight into the fourth tab, and so on. This doesn't happen to any tabs to the left of the moved tab, only to the moved tab and any tabs right of it.

(3) Likewise to (2), if I move a tab and then add an item to it, the tab jumps back to its original position.

31-Jul-2019 17:09:58

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