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Luvin It already. Simply awesome. Keep up the great work. Now if I can just organize it for my optimum game play that will be just wonderful. Thank you for adding more bank space too.

31-Jul-2019 18:06:58

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The Bankholders are really great. Using Presets to go from one skill to another is fast and care free.

Only recommendation at this time is to give us a little more control on building and organizing our bank. I would like to place a “blank space" in the bank when I wish. This would let me lineup and organize all my skilling and armor equipment.

31-Jul-2019 18:26:44 - Last edited on 31-Jul-2019 18:31:12 by Nezumisan

J ordn
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That dash when i withdraw a piece of armor is a horrible eyesore, please make a toggle to have it collapse / do that.
And having only preset names for bank tabs, I have things sorted like "Armor" "artisan" "runes/summon" "gathering" "herb/farm"
can we get more options if we aren't able to title them ourselves? because that will end up being something not used at all. Having to use actual skill names will end up making to many tabs and run out of bank space to quickly having to look through so many more places to remove items.

31-Jul-2019 18:39:26

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So I see in the video you can go to ''equip mode'' , any chance you can configure the beast of burden mode when you click it without an active BoB, it would automaticly summon the configured BoB to put items in?

imagine pressing the BoB button after you configure dit to summon a familiar, it would take a pouch out of your bank, summon it and activate the BoB mode.

31-Jul-2019 18:58:57

Almost Funny
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Almost Funny

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Customizing tabs after rearranging (switching places) them, glitches out and causes other (seemingly random?) tabs to be customized. Trying to open a tab after that makes it go all over the place as well, randomly opening other tabs.

Seems to me that rearranging tabs messes up their indexes.

31-Jul-2019 18:59:58

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My recommendations:

1. Don't have scrolling tabs at the top. I want to be able to quickly access any and all of my tabs without using the scrolling feature (right and left) along the top. Make all the tabs visible.

2. The equipment interface covers the bank. Make it moveable, so I can customize where I want it for my playing pleasure.

3. Make permanent placeholders. Having to toggle back and forth is annoying.

4. Make a insert X money to place into bank for coins... currently, I have to empty my money pouch into bank, then withdraw however many I want.

5. Get rid of the empty spots in the bank, and just have items shift over immediately, like it is now.

31-Jul-2019 19:38:06

Nox Raijin
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Nox Raijin

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Bugs noticed so far:

- If the bank interface is small enough in Legacy Mode, the deposit options (money pouch, backpack, worn equipment, familiar) will seem to dissappear, when actually they are being hidden under the "transfer" and "preset" tabs. Maybe make it possible to only reduce the vertical to a certain level to avoid this? Or add it to a menu at a certain point/toggleable?


- Can we create a new tab without an item placed in there at first? New tab button should act as a button, not just click and drag

- More Icons: Reaper icon (for bossing), achievements icon, RuneMetrics icon, Dailies icon (perhaps new creation? / Tasks?), multi combat icon for a general combat tab. All I can think of right this second

- "take all" option from the current search

- Search by tab

- Instead of "withdraw placeholder", why not "make placeholder" on right-click? Placeholders will be useless if they go away if you forget to put in placeholder mode. Maybe make "permanent" placeholders that you can set that disregards the current position (on/off) of the placeholder option on the bank

- toggle search to include items from PoH and Diango storage

- Customizable keybinds within bank

31-Jul-2019 20:24:17 - Last edited on 01-Aug-2019 22:39:09 by Nox Raijin

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I think Diango and POH Costume room should be more easily accessible through the bank with improved features like being able to deposit to diango from the bank, instead of just retrieve.

A right click, send to Diango or Costume Room would be a nice feature. Or when filtered on cleanup, be able to choose multiple items and a Deposit Selected to (whichever) place you wish them to go.

Being able to retrieve straight from the bank is a neat feature but putting items in is more of a chore.

Another feature would be nice to see if previous quest items which do not fall under the "do not need anymore", be able to show what use they are going to have for future quests, or what quests they are needed for - I feel like I have a lot of old quest items that I will not need anymore but they do not show on cleanup.

31-Jul-2019 20:47:00

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