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May Member 2019


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The interface isn't very streamlined and is very clunky in it's use of space. As an interface, it should have less space that is uselessly occupied.

* When moving a tab, there are sometimes 'invalid' movements that appear to work at first but cause further bugs. The most reliable reproduction is moving any tab to the last position (between the 'add new tab' and the current final one). When you do this it seems to work, but actually fails. You can see this by clicking any other tab which will take you to the one that in reality occupies the space you clicked. You can fix this by closing the bank and opening it again, which will show the true tab positions.

02-Aug-2019 00:39:05

Dec Member 2018


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I beg of you, please, make us customize the key for our presets!

- I want 4 to withdraw the 4th preset instead of C*RL+4

Please i have been requesting this for almost a year now!

03-Aug-2019 16:25:21

Apr Member 2019


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The bank has long needed this. Thanks. I see that I can use my previous game, or I can use the beta. Which will be preserved after the beta? If I make a lot of progress in the beta game, will it be lost?

04-Aug-2019 01:00:05

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1) The following would allow for more presets, which I would gladly pay real money for. 10 are not enough. Please. More. Presets. $$$

2) The backpack, armor, and familiar icons are redundant with the three radio buttons above and serve no additional function

3) The aforementioned radio buttons do not have descriptions on hover. How about hovering over them produces the backpack, armor, and familiar icons?

4) The drop-down for the preset name is ridiculous. Is is just so we can't use "bad words" in our bank, or why can't we type what we want? If you really really gotta have a drop-down menu, give EACH of the presets above a drop-down. There. Done. Saved space.

5) The save/load buttons from the old bank worked great, and I understand that they take up space, but forcing us to move that mouse all the way down to the Overwrite button? Since you can double-click on the number to load, we only need one little button on each preset to save...

6) "Exact Matching" here? I mean, I know you want us to see it in the beta to know that it exists, but I hope there is a time that it can be rolled into the rest of the settings under Gameplay / General / Banks and Shops

7) Did I mention this would clear more space for more presets I would give you real money for?

04-Aug-2019 01:13:31

Mar Member 2019


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for placeholder: when deleting anything from junk interface it should delete place holders to. i dont like that you cant see item you take out just a red line. the pictures/titles of tabs should be more customizable dont have a skilling title. when dragging tabs around the first item of that tab jumps into another tab. red line place (from shark fury outfit) will not let me delete even tho diango has outfit. things ive noticed so far. and be able to place blank place holders

04-Aug-2019 03:55:18

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More presets for the love of god Shikimoko4 | Leader
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04-Aug-2019 07:45:18

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1. Tabs 6-8 don't stay open (for me at least), they will open up the tab you click on and then revert to a different tab so makes it impossible to select items in that tab

2. It would be nice to be able to name your own tabs
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you just lost the game ;)

04-Aug-2019 21:31:16

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