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Green Kasina
Jun Member 2015

Green Kasina

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Hard to give you my feedback on a beta that won't open from the link provided.

Maybe you'd like to post a link that actually works???
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09-Aug-2019 15:57:42

Aug Gold Premier Club Member 2015


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I have these weird issues when I create a new tab, try to place it between the old ones and attempt to deposit items in it:
1. As I move the mouse to the inventory the tab switches to the next one automatically
2. If I drag items from inventory to the new tab it moves back to being the last tab while switching the item I deposited with items from the All tab and leaving my item in the tab that was there before
3. Then, if I try again to deposit items it sends the old ones back to the All tab
All in all it's mostly an issue about moving tabs.
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10-Aug-2019 03:22:26

Sep Gold Premier Club Member 2018


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I've been loving the beta so far!

Here are some suggestions for the bank interface:

- custom tab names; i'd love to be able to separate certain skills such as herblore (a "potions" tab, and a "herblore supplies" tab, or "skilling supplies" ect)
- custom preset names
- the ability to move about the tabs (to the sides)
- the ability to "split screen" tabs (for example: if i'm prepping for going into combat, i'd like to have a tabs with combat supplies and combat equipment side by side for ease of access)

I haven't run into errors yet, but i'll be sure to keep my eyes peeled

10-Aug-2019 23:32:55

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Would it be possible to add a 'like' or 'thumbs up' icon under each forum post as well as the already there "quote' 'highlight' & 'reply'.

There have been so many really amazing ideas & feedback, that we as the users would also like to 2nd or 3rd for an idea to help indicate it's backing. It would also be a way to highlight points without quoting or replying, as there are people who do read the forums but do not post.

I found when I read through all the post's & also wrote my own, that there were ideas that could do with a 'thumbs up' etc.
- Like instead of scrolling through the new allotment of 15 tabs if we could 'group' ie combat tabs with all your separate styles. Have this sectioned under one main tab. So if we had the tabs across the interface we could still see all. Same would work for tabs down the side.

Thank you for building us this wonderful new bank & omg thank you for the extra bank spaces :) Keep up the good work.

Just an idea.

Can't wait till rework hits the real game.

11-Aug-2019 03:37:45

Jul Member 2019


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nice a real good step , And i like a shortcut search words like food, armor, weapons, range, mage, cocking.
summoning construk fishing and so on, to get all thats in that genara or for a searten skill

11-Aug-2019 18:26:01

Lady Ayeleah
Jul Member 2019

Lady Ayeleah

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With the coming of the new bank improvement. I would like to see the ability to split items banked into more then 1 spot/tab. For example, Molten glass. This is an item used in Crafting to make orbs, viles, and many other items. But it is also used in construction a lot. With this, Cosmic runes are used in many magic applications but also in crafting.

It would be nice if I could put my clay in the Mining tab, and crafting tab with soft clay. And have this only count as 1 item but taking up 2 bank spaces.

Yes I know ... when depositing an item the game will need to know which tab to send to... could be a problem on programming. But it would be easy to put up a pop-up to ask..

There are so many items that are used in various ways and every player has things they wish could be stored in more then 1 spot.

This would really help game play!

12-Aug-2019 16:42:12

Nov Gold Premier Club Member 2006


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I've just checked out the bank-beta. And the changes I've seen so far, I like.

However, it's what hasn't changed that drew my attention.
The Costume Room, Diango's retrieval and the Quest Point Shop.

In order to save space I frequently store and withdraw items (mainly Skill Sapes and Skill Sets) from there. The method of doing this could use some major streamlining.

Currently the bank gives access to these storage methods. But I think they should become a fully integrated aspect of the bank. Giving them there own dedicated sections inside the bank with a improved layout. Finding Skill Sets, for example, can be quite tedious, especially if you can't recall the exact name.
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13-Aug-2019 01:49:04

fmod Member


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Horizontal Line Separators

Please add an option to add Horizontal Line Separators within each bank tab. That way you can have a Combat tab and have melee, ranged and mage gear clearly separated and easier to find. I would also like to separate my potions, seeds and herbs.

Multiple Beast of Burden bank presets

It has always been a problem to save a Beast of Burden preset. Currently you have to summon a BoB then add items to it and then save that BoB as a bank preset. This is a problem when you change BoBs a lot.

One time you might want a pack yak with 30 rocktails, next time you want an abyssal titan with 20 essence, next you want a pack mammoth with potions, food and extra gear and another time you just want a war tortoise with a few clue scroll items.

Please add several more radio buttons to the Beast of Burden bank preset configuration tab. Then a player can click one of the radio buttons to select which Beast of Burden preset is loaded.

Another alternative is to add several more beast of burden tabs - however to save space I think adding the extra radio buttons mentioned above will be suitable.

Saving Beast of Burden bank presets

When you click the Beast of Burden bank preset configuration tab it would be great if you could add items from your backpack directly into the Beast of Burden inventory tab. You can currently drag and drop one item at a time from your backpack to your BoB preset but this is slow, especially when changing BoBs.

Being able to add multiple items directly from your backpack into your BoB preset will make it easier and faster to change items carried in your Beast of Burden when you change them. The added bonus is that you will not have to summon the Bob to change the Beast of Burden preset.

13-Aug-2019 18:03:30

Jan Gold Premier Club Member 2005


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G'day All,

Thank you. I used the beta to test weapons & bank.

1) I need more presets. I struggle to remember the correct gear for each skill & rely on notes, when I remember where I left them.
2) Please supply future betas with ROTS & Magister tokens for testing combat against these.
3) Inconsistencies where to find my grave. Exiled KQ was within the encounter while others were outside. A hint or pointer for non-surface graves would help.

Didn't see a great difference in combat, but my special skill is being killed by bosses I should be able to beat.

So *that's* what the Kalphite King looks like!

14-Aug-2019 08:19:06

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