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New Features & Feedback Changes
• New NXT client – this moves object sprites into their own cache so that they no longer pop in while scrolling the bank
• If withdrawing an item with worn inventory in focus it will now withdraw to the backpack if it can’t be equipped and there’s space to move to backpack
• A placeholders filter has been added which allows clean up of old placeholders
• Summoning pouches can now be right clicked from the back pack of the bank inventory. Summoning a familiar will still close the bank interface.
• Empty slots no longer have the placeholder graphic and are now invisible.
• Depositing items with object variables (eg augmented items) will now prioritise the tab you have in focus when multiple placeholder slots exist
• Deposit all inventory buttons are now in the same order as the live game
• The background now uses the general interface background rather than the transparent background which was used
• F1 to F10 can be used to quick-load presets
• The mouseover text will change to “Equip” to make it more obvious when the worn interface is in focus
• The highlight when worn interface is in focus and the bank is tall enough to show at least two inventories has been made more subtle
• Bank PIN interface now has a return to bank button
In addition to these changes our QA team have been continuing to test changes across the project while going through the bugs reported in the additional beta. With your help over 60 additional issues having been changed in the same time which should lead to a generally improved and more reliable experience.
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