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King Bibbler

King Bibbler

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Current RSN: King Bibbler

Pking Experience: Tons pre-eoc, not much at all post-eoc although I am an excellent PvMer and even though Pking is obviously very different from PvM, this at least means that I have a competent understanding of the EoC abilities and combat mechanics.

Current CC: Maxed

Previous Warbands FC: None

Reason for leaving them: never have been in one

Did someone tell you about this FC?: yes, Steiner

Reason for applying to PK: consistent Warbands trips and improving at EoC pking

Willing to use discord: yes

How often do you plan to use this fc? Frequently to chat, try to make at least 1-2 warbands/day, more if time allows

Will you be willing to protect yourself and your FC mates if hostile whites show up? yes, bring them on

Total Level: 2736/2736

Secret Word of the Day: Meow

26-Jan-2018 17:46:45

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