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Gear Requirements:

(Some exceptions will be made if you are a lower level player or Pure)

First of all, always be fully geared; even if you died mid wave. Take care of restocking gear before the wave starts, always keep extra sets.


2H Weapon: Noxious Longbow > Attuned Bow/Royal Crossbow

MH Weapon: Ascension Crossbow > Shadow Glaive/Death Lotus Darts
OH Weapon: OH Death Lotus Darts

Head/Body/Legs: Death Lotus > Royal

Gloves: Swift > Royal Spiky Vambs

Boots: Kurask > Spined/Turoth > Basilisk

If you use darts you must bring a +1 (e.g. DL/Sirenic Body, Comp or Zealots).


2H Weapon: Noxious Staff > Attuned Staff/Chaotic Staff

MH Weapon: Seismic Wand > Elder Wand/Seasinger Kiba > Virtus Wand
OH Weapon: Abyssal Orb > Blisterwood Orb > Grifolic Orb

Head/Body/Legs: Seasinger's > Gano > Starfury > Drakan > Skeletal/Mystic

Gloves: Spellcaster > Gano > Grifolic > Skeletal/Mystic

Boots: Gano > Drakan > Skeletal/Mystic


2H Weapon: Noxious Scythe > Dragon Rider Lance > Attuned Halberd/Chaotic Spear

MH Weapon: Drygore Mace > Blade of Nymora > Chaotic Longsword
OH Weapon: Enhanced Excalibur > OH Dragon Dagger

Head/Body/Legs: Tetsu > Starfury > Dragon > Granite > Rockshell/Rune

Gloves: Goliath > Dragon > Rockshell/Rune

Boots: Dragon > Rockshell/Rune


Shield: Any (but always bring one)

Amulet: Phoenix Necklace

Ring: Ring of Wealth/6A Circuit

Cape: Ava's (Ranged)/God Cloak (Mage) > Ardy Cloak 4/Skill Cape > Legends

Beast of Burden

War tortoise/Pack yak filled with food.
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1. Online statuses should be fully OFF 15 minutes before the wave starts and leave your Clan Chats (i.e --:45). Not doing so may result in a temporary kick. Temporarily leave your clan chat to avoid being followed and log out of rs forums & website.

2. Be on the starting world no later than 5 minutes before wave starts (i,e --:55), all off-worlders are kicked at this time.

3. Do not ask for world orders, only the host, scouts, and other generals know them and will be announced as necessary.

4. Do not start arguments in the Friends Chat, if you have a problem then message a General/Captain.

5. Do not try to call worlds that arent going to be done by us, and do not go loot worlds that havent been called.

6. Do not ask for Ranks - those are earned.

7. Only members with a Recruit rank, and above (1 banana +) may invite friends to the FC, and are responsible to teach them everything about warbands, and make sure they know the rules.

8. At times when we are overflowing, newer people and lower ranks are kicked 1st. DO NOT CAUSE DRAMA IF YOU ARE KICKED.

9. Do not tell our worlds to anyone that isnt in the Friends Chat for that wave, and do not say our worlds anywhere else but the Friends Chat.

10. Always kill whites first, then loot the camp, even if they come after everyone has started looting.

11. Always be in full gear.

12. It is highly recommended to be in the Friends Chat, an hour before the wave so we can have a good idea on how many people will be attending.

13. Leaking Worlds to any other groups will result in a perm ban.

14. If you are instructed to stop looting, then stop looting immediately . You may be required to fight and sacrifice loot for a particular world. If you have read this far, then tell the phrase "Chocolate nips" to your recruiter. You may be requested to fight whilst youre in the middle of looting. If you continue looting, you will receive a permanent ban from the FC.
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Rank System

How to Rank up

There are several ways to help out the FC and rank up. Those include: Scouting a world, anti-pking for a scout, anti-pking for the main group. If you do not know how to scout then its no problem! We have a well written scouting guide, and many people in the Friends chat that are willing to teach.
You will never be sent to scout alone if you are extremely new to it.
Members who are seen attending more than one wave a day are ranked up faster. We do monthly rank clean ups so if you are seen not being active enough then you will get deranked.

: FC leaders.

: Hosts.

: Our most trusted PKers & Scouts.

: Shows the motivation to help out the Friends Chat, has helped out quite a few times.

: Has helped out a few times by scouting/anti-pking.

: Reserved for Allied Hosts, retired Generals and Captains.

Smiley: newly added member.
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TeamSpeak Info

We have our very own teamspeak server which is open to anyone. The server address will be given in-game. Please use your in game username when entering the teamspeak server. Teamspeak is mandatory in order to provide information during wave. A microphone isnt required to use the server. The TS server is IP protected, so there's no need to worry about someone obtaining your IP address.

Application Template

(Copy/paste and fill out with the correct details)

1. What is your RSN?
2. What is your combat level?
3. Can you commit to all the gear requirements?
4. Do you accept to follow the rules?
5. What Clan are you in Currently?
6. How did you hear about this Friends Chat?
7. What time zone are you from?
8. How often will you use the FC?
9. What Warbands friends chat were you prior to this, if any?
10. Have you ever scouted/pked before, and would you be willing to do so?
11. Can you use the discord app (mic not necessary)?
12. Do you agree to kill white dots before looting?
13. Why do you want to join our FC?
14. Any other comments?

As soon as you have posted your application, contact either one of the following listed people for approval of your application and a PVP trial:

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You will be tested on your PVP and survivability skills, bring a shield switch and be able to use defensive abilities to stay alive as long as possible while fighting back.

Once your application is reviewed and accepted you will be moved onto the PvP trial. You will fight one on one to the best of your capability to show where you stand with your knowledge of PvP. During your trial, we will be looking for the following:

-Strategic use of:

-Dragon Breath/Snipe/Havoc/Smash
-Natural Instinct

-Ability To:

-Knock opponents protection prayers off
-Reactivate protection prayers when knocked off
-Debilitate when protection prayer is off
-Use threshold abilities properly
-Keep prayer points above 650
-Keep health high

Once again, thank you for your interest in applying to Wbs_M8

~Wbs M8 Hosts
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