Lions Goals!

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Welcome to my goals thread! Have an seat, grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the ride!

Long term goals

-Achieve Max + Comp Cape at the same time
-Get 1b total Xp by the end of the year (898m/1b)
-Get the title: Jack of All Trades (7/19)
-Get a Dye from a clue scroll (0/1)
-Obtain all pieces of the Black ibis Set (1/4)
-Get all boss pets (1/44)
-Kill Jad to get fire cape

Short Term Goals

Get 120 Dung (120/120)
-Get 120 invention ( 120/ 120)
-Complete 4 quests a month (0/4)

I am sure as time goes on, so will these goals. I wanted to get the ball rolling and who knows, it might motivate me to continue playing.

thanks for reading!

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Lions Goals

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