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Hello y'all,

I'm ANovel70. Most of you reading this won't know me, so here's a short introduction.

I've been playing RuneScape since August 25 2005, according to Hans. I've been on and off since in F2P. I started getting into RuneScape again in the middle of 2013, right before RuneSscape 3 came out. I've seen the best and worst of Runescape throughout the years, and everytime I think I quit, I always end up coming back, because you never really quit RuneScape.

I first stumbled across the fourms when I decided to follow RuneScape updates shortly after bonds came out. I started browsing through the various updates that didn't matter to me because I was F2P. Then I found the G&A section and other people's stories inspired me to create my own thread to get 99 Defense, and to record any other 99s I get while living RuneScape.

I got my first 99 on January 1, 2015, 9.5 years after I started living RuneScape. However, I've been playing more recently compared to the first 8 years of my time in Gielinor. This is the reason why I created this thread: to share my story of how I fail at RuneScape, and to post some achievements I would like to accomplish in the future and to motivate me to live Runescape more and achieve my goals.

The reason for taking too long is mostly because I didn't play a lot when I was younger and the lack of membership on this account. My parents discouraged me from playing games, but now that I'm no longer under their control, I can play whenever I want.

The purpose of this thread is to keep track of my progress on Runescape so that I know when I completed something, like getting a 99 in a skill. Also, I take a lot of breaks away from Runescape, so it will help me remember where I was before I quit.

Happy 'Scaping,

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Table of Contents
3. Achievements
4. Current Goals
5. Money Goals
6. Skill Goals
7. Future Goals
8. RS3 Ironman Plan for 2018
9. OSRS Ironman Plan for 2018
10. My Status on Runescape and Forum signature
11. RS3 Dailies
12. Bank Organization, Presets, and Action Bars for RS3
13. Bank Organization for OSRS
15. 2015 Achievements
16. 2016 Achievements
17. 2017 Achievements
18. Personal Bossing and Aquarium Notes
19. Personal Invention Notes
20. Personal Arc, Combat, Elemental Workshop Profit Notes
21-30. My time in Gielinor

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Lets start out with the things I have accomplished on Runescape, because stuff I do is more interesting and realistic than stuff I wish I had.

8/24/2005 or 8/25/2005 Started RuneScape
6/2012 Got my 5 Year Veteran's Cape
4/2013 Donated the 72037th Rune Essence to pay my respects to Guthix (Not really an achievement, but its a number I bothered to keep track of)
12/29/2013 Finished World Wakes quest, my first Grandmaster quest.
5/2014 All skills 70+, 2000 Total level
1/1/2015 99 Defence, 1st 99 ever.
1/1/2015 2200 Total Level
1/26/2015 Got access to PoP
3/28/2015 20th birthday, 99 Fletching
5/26/2015 99 Agility
8/25/2015 10 Year Cape!
12/25/2015 90+ all skills
12/29/2015 200M xp reached
10/26/2016 99 Magic
11/5/2016 99 Runecrafting
12/5/2016 99 Constitution
12/26/2016 95+ All skills, 70 Invention
1/7/2017 99 Dungeoneering
2/17/2017 99 Divination
3/28/2017 99 Construction
4/2017 99 Fishing
5/2017 99 Smithing
6/16/2017 99 Cooking
7/2017 99 Farming
8/2017 99 Slayer
9/18/2017 99 Attack
10/31/2017 99 Woodcutting
11/3/2017 99 Crafting
12/2017 99 Strength
7/22/2018 99 Firemaking
8/10/2018 99 Ranged
8/15/2018 Total membership time: 35.5 months

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Current Goals for December and 2018

F2P Daily:
600 Cabbage Facepunch points

Do minigame spotlights:
Barbarian Assault
Flash Powder Factor
Castle Wars
Stealing Creation
Mobilising Armies (unless its removal is confirmed soon)

Goal: All 99s by September
Most likely Order: Theiving, Hunting, Mining, Invention, Summoning, Herblore

Goal: Invention Training DXP Weekend
Use Proteans, unlock stuff at workbench, use lots of fishing rod-o-matics, burst all water balloons, find all xp boosting items (such as a perk on a weapon)

Goal: Herbicide, Seedicide on toolbelt.
1000 Slayer points needed
Fast Slayer points:
VIP Ticket
Headhunter's Sacrifice

Goal: Finish Elf City Tasks
Finish Gold Wave 15
Better weapons needed

Goal: Unlock a spell in Livid Farm
Goal: Unlock Shattered Worlds Abilities

Ironman Goals:
90 Runecrafting during a Special Weekend that boosts Runespan on p2p for Runecrafting Fragments.
Agorith -weekly money
Broken Home -weekly xp

Finish Death Plateau, Druidic Ritual, Let Them Eat Pie, and Wolf Whistle on p2p.
Swept Away rewards?

Goal: Ironman Elite Skilling Outfit - 50 hours

OSRS Ironman:
Goal: 55 Magic

Goal: 50 Firemaking
Method: Logs, Oak, Willow, Teak, Maple, do on F2P

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I'm not your typical RuneScape player. I'm very conservative with my money here and use Bonds only in times I am sure I can make a profit. That means my membership is very spaced and often do not qualify for the Loyalty Program because of my discontinuous membership.

Here are some things I would like to buy with money and bonds:

All Preset Slots (4 left) - 3 bonds per preset, 12 bonds total
Action Bars (4 left) - 195 RC per bar, 780 RC

Note: 1 bond = 2 weeks p2p = 195 RC = 15 TH Keys

Current Money Makers:
f2p: Red spider eggs, buy and sell feathers from stores, air runes, Giant Mole, KBD
p2p: Farming, Divine Locations, Bossing, Slayer, Nature Runes, Elite Clue Scrolls, Dwarven Aura, Divination, Grenwalls, pickpocketing elves, elder logs, Araxxor
Ironman: Crafting spider silk and selling to store

Money Saving items:
Amulet of Bountiful Harvest
Botanist's Amulet

Current Assets:
Current Wealth: 800M
50M emergency money in bank
115M Dual Wield Ascensions
Hard Cash

Spending Plan:
10M = 100 Holy Overloads
45M = Wealth Evaluator
5M = Other combat supplies, Pak Yak, Divine Charge

20M = Magic weapons: Wand of the Cywir elders and Seasinger Makigai (Tier 85)
25M = Drygore Rapier (Tier 90)

I'm going to wait to buy armor until my current ports armor runs out of charges. Before they degrade to dust, I'll augment them for components at level 9.

Ironman Money Making:
Achievement banner - 900 RC
Wealth Evaluator - 3 bonds
Bank Slots- Wait for a sale or wait until needed

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Here are my training methods:
Summoning: xp lamps (as always)
Mining: Runite ore and Coal
Herblore: xp lamps, Overloads
Thieving: Elves
Hunter: Grenwalls
Invention: Disassemble Augmented Armor

On my Ironman, I want to get every skill above 50 on both RS3 and OSRS. This achievement is probably easier on RS3 than in is on OSRS, but having Runescape on Mobile will make it easier. I also want the added challenge of getting the 99s in the same order as my main on both versions. I know OSRS is missing a few skills, so I'll skip them.

In RS3, I want at least 1 skill at level 90 for ports, either Runecrafting or Agility. OSRS should be easy on mobile. I would also like these skills:
Magic 55
Crafting 80
Smithing 80
Runecrafting 70 or 90
Agility 90
Construction 63
Divination 80

There's less to want in OSRS, so my priorities are limited to:
Magic 55
Firemaking 50

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These are my long term goals in the order I would like to complete them in.
Taskmaster emote
Max Cape
Completionist cape
Completionist cape (t)
Master Quest Cape
Level 120 all skills (In the same order I got 99 in)
200M xp all skills! (In the same order I got 120 in)

Then I'll go to Old School Runescape and max out on there. Of course, this is only if I get 200M xp in the live game and got my trimmed Completionist Cape. It'll make my entire life to get this far, but I will do it. I'm only 22, so I got plenty of time.

After that, I'll do the same on HC Ironman. I don't care if I die on my HC Ironman. I'll play as a regular Ironman once I die, and I'm not going to create another HCIM account if I die.

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OSRS and RS3 Ironman goals

In 2018, I'll be starting the Ironman challenge. This is so I have something to do on mobile, since I'l already close to maxed on this account. I'll start on HCIM, and if I die, I'll be just a regular ironman. I'll be ironman regardless. I've always wanted to try out OSRS too, but didn't want to start out new. Since mobile will bring in a bunch of new players, I would like to be a part of that.

F2P Quests Left:
Dragon Slayer
A Soul's Bane
Witch's House
Missing, Presumed Death
Perils of Ice Mountain
Beneath Cursed Tides

28 Smithing - Bronze Arrowheads, Artisan's WS tracks, Iron bars
63 Construction at Beach for Aquarium
Slayer - Use magic

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Then, I'll play HCIM on the same account in OSRS.
-Dragon Slayer

-Thieve men and women until level 5 Thieving
-Minigame Teleport to Castle Wars
-Steal from Cake Stalls in Ardougne until 20 Thieving
-Steal from Silk Stalls until 30 Thieving
-Monk's Friend
-Sheep Herder
-Sell silk for 60gp each (keep 10)
-Sea Slug
-buy POH
-dig up clue hunter gloves and boots north of Ardouge
-BA tutorial
-Start Barcrawl
-do Waterfall quest until gnome maze
-Grand Tree
-Plague City
-Observatory Quest
-Clock Tower
-Hazeel Cult
-Murder Mystery
-Clock Tower
-Death Plateau
-Druidic Ritual
-Wolf Whistle
-Recruitment Drive
-Gertrude's Cat
-Plague City
-Merlin’s Crystal
-Holy Grail
-Tree Gnome Village
--Make Fruit Blast
-Priest in Peril
-Scorpion Catcher
-Jungle Potion
-Dwarf Cannon
-Nature Spirit
-Making History
-Rune Memories
-Witch’s House
-Buyers and Cellars
-Meeting History
-Fight Arena
-Tribal Totem
-The Dig Site
-The Golem
-Rag and Bone Man
-Waterfall Quest
-A Soul's Bane
-Recipe for Disaster

-Complete Impressing the Locals and do Daily Arc Contracts
-90 Runecrafting

-Train Woodcutting and Firemaking until level 50: Logs, Oak, Willow, Teak (ideally in mobile)
--Work on F2P quests
-Wintertodt until level 70: focus on getting points for rewards rather than xp

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ANovel70's Activity Status:
This is a post I'll try to update about my play schedule in case you guys ever want to know where I am.

Current Status:

Until October

means I'm playing regularly.
means I'm too busy in life to log in, but I plan on being Active soon.
means I have quit for some time and I don't know when I'll return.

Forum Signature:

Since the RS fourms was updated, I need to come up with a new signature for the fourms. I should do this soon.

Here is my old forum signature. I never really got to use it often.

ÃÑovel70, phÐ
I'm not really a phD

Killing stuff since August 2005

2595 Varrock Street


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