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I logged in and stood around.
They talked. They danced. They got xp gains.

I said hello.
I tried to dance with them.
I tried to get xp.

But no one else seemed to notice me.

I tried to trade.
I asked for help.
Again, no one answered me.

Were they players?
Were they characters?
Are they here?
Am I even here?

I logged out.
I logged in.
I spoke out.
I raised my voice again.

Only 1 person noticed.
He called me a noob.
Then everyone else there turned, pointed, and laughed and they laughed.
Then it stopped.

They turned away.
They talked.
They danced.
They gained xp.

I tried to say hello.
I tried to dance.
I tried to gain xp.

No one noticed me.
Am I still here?
Are you questioning my insanity or my incompetence?
Some seek refuge in audacity. I seek refuge in absurdity.

19-Oct-2015 18:29:47

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