Romeo and Juliet 2: "Quest"

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*NOTE: This is a satire, not a legitament story or suggestion. It's more or less trying to poke fun at recent game updates. I have nothing against Jagex, its just that its kinda funny with all of these updates surrounding additional payment to enjoy new features instead of just giving us these updates. I am, however, upset about the "Through the Ages" emote update, seeing as anyone can purchase this even if they haven't experienced these "ages".

Step 1: Purchase the quest at Solomon's Store for a low price of $9.99!

Step 2: Read Requirements:

-Payment successfully received by Jagex
-Have made a Solomon Store purchase prior to this purchase
-10 Crafting

Step 3: Reach starting location at Juliet's house (Varrock). Speak to the father. He tells you he needs some extra cash. Would you like to pay 5m GP or pay through RuneCoins? You cannot exit the screen until payment is received by Jagex. After the transaction is complete, he tells you Juliet is still in a coma, and Romeo has run off with her cousin, Phillipa, as you observed in the first quest. So, basically, you learned nothing.

Step 4: Go to the crypt to find Juliet has woken from the coma. She tells you she wants vengeance in Romeo, but she is broke. After another quick transaction, you leave with her to buy several items at Solomon's store, which now has high level combat items available for purchase. She purchases a Zamorak godsword. You purchase a bronze dagger, seeing as you are almost out of RuneCoins.

Step 5: Arrive at the gates of Burthorpe. The guard tells you that you must watch several "Behind the Scenes" videos and view at least 20 Solomon Store advertisements. The guard is still not pleased after you complete the tasks, and requires you to enter your credit card number for a recurring monthly fee of $10.99, for 24 months. You enter Burthorpe, only to find that Romeo has died. At the funeral, you are asked to make a donation to his family. An additional $39.99 is charged to your credit card.

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Step 6: You've completed the quest! You observe the quest complete screen:


You have completed the Romeo and Juliet 2 Quest!

You are awarded:
-1 Party Hat of your choice (with an additional payment of $99.99)
-1 Bronze Dagger
-2 RuneCoins
-The knowledge that you have saved Jagex from
going out if business!

Step 7: After you purchase your party hat, you try to sell it at
the Grand Exchange. You set the sell price for 1 billion GP.

Step 8: Be puzzled on why it will not sell. Then you remember one of
the Solomon Store advertisements you viewed in Burthrope:

"Party!!! Party Hats are now free to all members!"

Step 9: Feel like a moron you just spent $100 on an item that is free. And feel stupid that it will not sell for anything now seeing as the price will crash at the GE.

Step 10: Start a rebellion against the injustice of Solomon's Store

Step 11: Get banned for "Macroing Major", even though you've never used third party software
in RuneScape for the years you've played it. There is no evidence either.

Step 12: Wait several years for a responce to your repeal. It reads:

Dear player,

We regret to inform you your appeal has been rejected. But, we have a special message
from Mod Mark to you:

"Non-believers will be destroyed".

Step 13: ...

To be continued?

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If this forum post is deleted, I will be laughing. Not sure if I posted in the right section though. Feel free to move if necessary.

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