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i made this game up when a friend and i shouted random things at each other and made a cool game out of it.
How it works:
the theme of the game shifts with the more replys that are posted. it'll start out as something like desserts. heres what happens:
player 1: cake (the beginning post.anything goes)
player 2: pie (a dessert but opposite to cake. you say a different but likely thing and keep it going.)
so after a while it would look like this:
player 1: cake!
player 2: pie!
player 3: cookies!
player 4: bagel!
player 5: cereal! (you see how the theme shifted? a bagel is baked like a cookie, but a breakfast item. the theme is now breakfast)
please abide by all jagex rules. no double posting please.
so post and enjoy, and we can have fun with this!^_^
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