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13 Zombie666

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There are many monsters in RuneScape that we never see fighting each other. What if these monsters battled it out. Who would win.

How to play:
Each person will choose the winning monster that the poster above them choose. Then they will pick two more monsters for the next person.
These can be any monsters in the game.
You can choose any monster, Combat levels don't matter.
Poster 2: Blue Dragon, Cause the blue dragon can breath fire.
The Revenant knight takes on the Black Demon. Who will win this epic battle?

Poster 3: Revenant knight, Cause he can use all three combat skills.
Then he chooses 2 more monsters.

How to post:
Choose the winning monster.
Use the following format.
The (Insert Monster Here) takes on the (Insert Monster Here). Who will win this epic battle?

No Flaming.
No Spamming.
No Derailing.
No Naming.
No Advertising.
Do Not Break any Jagex Rules.
I'll go first.

The Goblins take on the Dwarfs. Who will win this epic battle?
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09-Sep-2011 02:23:21

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cows, cause chickens are incapable of killing anything

vanstrom klause takes on nomad. Who will win this epic battle?

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