RuneScape's Deadliest Warrior.

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Team Skull
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Team Skull

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White Knights, because they have the Druids to ally them.

Tormented Demons take on the Corporeal Beast, who will win?
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12-May-2013 02:03:49

Xinix Xaxx
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Xinix Xaxx

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A Werewolf, because after the werewolf who started the fight bites the witch, she becomes a werewolf even though she kills the original wolf.

The King of Varrock or the King of Ardougne?

14-May-2013 13:25:51

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Depends which King of Ardougne we're on about doesn't it? I think we (may have) killed one of them [Tyras, ruler of West Ardougne] during one of the Elven quests.
I think that even the patheticly weak King Roald could beat up some charred remains...

However, if Roald was battling against King Lathas, I'd say Lathas as he's wearing trousers and won't trip over his robes.

Who would win in a battle between the Cow Vs Pigzilla? [The giant pig in Draynor*
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21-Jan-2014 15:35:26

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