Crime Scene of the Crime

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Happy Halloween ^_^

Let's play detective!

Welcome to Crime Scene: Scene of the Crime. CSI meets Runescape haha

Paint a picture of a crime scene and have the next player try to solve the case. Halloween is approaching so the more mysterious the crime, the better. Just leave a sentence, a clue, and a word the next poster can use to make another mystery and guess the answer to the question altogether.

Please keep all posts clean and free, all rules apply.

For example:

Your best friend has gone missing. All that was left behind was a compass and a messy scene of beast remains after a long fight. Where are they?

Next Poster:

Haunted Woods by the Araxyte lair

New word: A watch

Then the next user uses the item and creates a crime scene to solve

The Answer
Crime Scene
New Word

Have fun! :D
mon cœur va être à milan ^_^

17-Oct-2017 13:39:05

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