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Gone for gud

Gone for gud

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Hello, good morning, good day. One ticket to The Rusty Anchor? That'll be 6660gp. Thanks.

For this thread, pretend you are on a huge bus ride around Gielinor. So huge it's neverending, in fact. Your main goal is to have as many stops as possible, but do not passively anger the bus driver by asking for a ridiculous stop. That'll get you kicked out on the dirt path!

Here are some guidelines to play this game:

Make up a name for your stop. Be it already from the game e.g. the title of a pub as I have put in the intro, or something like "Falador West Bank." Always be specific as stops are in real life (
No to Varrock
yes to Varrock Grand Exchange
Do not be a nuisance! If your first requested stop is under 75 tiles from the last, you get a warning. Any more stops under 75 tiles from then on will earn you a ban from stopping the bus for a whole thread page. To prevent this, you can test a stop out ingame or use your knowledge to determine any distances
Turning around is a huge no and if you happen to ask the bus to turn around, you'l get a boot immediately. No warning for this one, so be careful!
I am the busdriver, and I'll take you most places. I will not take you across water (my invention is too low to create a submarine-bus). After getting to 10 stops without being thrown off, you wil become the new busdriver. And if you have 120 inv, you can even make the vehicle fly
Rs3 buses are not available yet as I've lost my phone and cannot log in to Rs3 to verify. But if the next poster would like to drive for Rs3, be my guest

I hope that clears everything up for this idea, and I hope it's something fresh that we can have fun with!

The bus is leaving The Rusty Anchor. Where do we go now?

04-Sep-2018 18:40:30

Gone for gud

Gone for gud

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List of passengers and other info

Warning: If you happen to ask to stop at, say, Lunar Isle right now, you will not be allowed to post until I've gotten there via closer stops. Small steps and patience are keys (plural dont sound right here, ik), so just hop back on after you get off :)

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