Two Truths and a Lie

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A lot of you probably know this game, or a version of it. I don't think I've seen a version on the forums, so hell, let's do it.

The way this'll work is simple. Every post is going to contain two true statements about the poster and one lie about the poster. When you post, simply look at the last post, guess which is the lie, and then post your own two truths and a lie.

You may not post twice consecutively.

If you've posted before, feel free to reveal which was the lie in your last three statements, but PLEASE also play the game and guess the lie in the above post and post three new statements. Do NOT post without at least posting three new statements and guessing at the previous poster's lie.

It's OK if you forget, but please try not to! :-) If the last poster forgot to post their three statements, but guessed at the previous poster's 3 statements, feel free to simply post 3 new statements. If the last poster posted 3 statements but didn't guess, you may guess at the lie of both sets of statements. If the last post didn't do either of posting 3 statements nor guessing at the last 3, please disregard it completely.

I'll start.

Statement One: 100% of the cellphones I've owned have had their lives terminated in more than one piece.
Statement Two: I am American-born and raised, and yet I find it more natural to speak in a British accent when alone and talking to myself than my standard American accent.
Statement Three: When I eat cookies, crackers, or any pastry eaten with the hand, I have a compulsive habit of eating it upside-down.

Which is the lie? ;D Good luck to all and have fun :)
"Being Different is Being Remembered"

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Fat N Wacky
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How did you know?! O:
I can't guess your lie 'cuz your second statement is very ambiguous and open-ended-Define "Legend"-In what? How? There is really no solid definition.
Another three statements from me:
1. I hate Bacon
2. I hate Eggnog
3. I hate Spinach
"Being Different is Being Remembered"

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Statement 3, I think.
Statement 1: I'm a penguin trapper (herder) of world 71
Statement 2: I'm a Tree Hunter
Statement 3: I'm a boy
I'm not listed in any Penguins dedicated community, but still spying on you!

27-Jul-2012 21:17:16

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Wrong. and I would say 1.
1:I want to be able to grant others wishes, but not mine
2: I want to only be able to grant my wishes
3: I want to be able to do anything in the world.

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Statement 2
1: I have autism, ADHD, and a host of other mental "conditions."
2: I regularly achieved scores of over 3000 on the Facebook game "Who Has The Biggest Brain," well into the top 0.1% of scorers. After a long hiatus, I began playing it on Pogo and continue to score over 2800 every time.
3: I have a tested IQ, but it varies from 138 to 177 depending on the test I took.

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