Count to 15k before the NYear!Thread is locked

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Wishdom said:
You can only count to 2k in one thread if every post is an count, so because you used 2 post to explain the game you can only count to 1998 so far in this thread just want to mention :P


Ah! I've asked an F-Mod to the title to 3k...better make it 1970 (cause of double posting errors!) Thanks :)

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Hello Huge

There were lengthy discussions by the community, initiated by a Jmod, about a variety of counting threads.

In fact, there been specific discussion in the past about this type of count thread, because they have been used as farming post count/spam for post count threads. In the past two years or so, these types of threads have been locked due to that.

Count threads are expected to have an objective rather than just simply counting to X (in this case, X is a date). Having an objective other than simply counting to X is what provides a game or competitive aspect.

Taking the above into consideration, I have locked the thread.

There are some similar threads that were locked for the above reasons.

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