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Ruby Inferno

Ruby Inferno

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very mad guy said:
Ruby Inferno said:
I don't know... you have 16,000 posts. O_o

doesnt mean it isnt his first time at forum games

Hm true, he is a newcomer to the forum games, just not the overal forums. :)

So Scouse, ahoy matie, welcome aboard. :P
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04-Aug-2015 22:23:03

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Scouse said:
Ty, but don't tell Twillow i'm here, i'll be accused of stalking!

as long as Ruby doesn't mind that you found her here and are
chatting with her and others, I'm fine with it ;)
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Very afkable
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Very afkable

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Lately she's been playing with PM off, but that's just my best guess since she isn't usually on at this time.

E: Or maybe she just appears out of nowhere when you mention her name? :O
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