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Yep, a contest to get artwork for the team.
That was before Mod Jon came aboard for support.
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Sseuss said:
And since Twillow did not include my brilliant date idea to the Mardi Gras ball. I had said something along the line of Cap* Izzy No Beard as he is the next best thing to the irl Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.

I like reading the responses there, so - go post already! If not this question or the next one - you'll likely be seeing some other FMods, JMods or even PsP PMods you are familiar with, so your score will only go up during the week

It was brilliant, though, and I'm glad you mentioned it here :)

Still time for very and others to post for that question as I'll be moving on to the next one tomorrow, I think.
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