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The Patient Zero

Hola Adventures! As some of us already knows, our beloved Guilenor is in dangerous and we, as World Guardians must protect our homeland! To do so, we gotta find the Patient Zero whom started this chaos!

Let`s start our research by justfying where we were when it all started and who you saw walking around like one of these green heads zombies!
The last hero to post until 31th October will be considered the Patient Zero

So, I`m not the patient zero because I`ve seen some of them walking in Varrock, they were after a lovely girl who had a cyan hair, I don`t know if she managed to escape... I hope so....
Anyway! It`s not me!

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Look, I can't be patient zero. I was killing guards in Falador all week. Just ask the barber! But while I was killing the guards, I did overhear that someone with a lot of wealth was interested in funding a zombie invasion.....perhaps Merchers have the answer?

28-Oct-2016 05:04:37

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