Funniest reasons to call 911

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Miss Kizmo

Miss Kizmo

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111 - Operator: police, ambulance or fire department?
Me: Fire department.
Operator: just putting you through.
Operator: What's your emergency?
Me: I've locked myself out of the house.
Operator: That's not a emergency.
Me: I heard you have a skeleton key...

This is based on a true story, I actually rang the fire department, not 111 and they still came up and broke into my house for me. Someone actually told me there was a skeleton key the fire department have, and I believed them ^_^
Love & peace <3

29-Sep-2014 22:27:10

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Operator: 911, State your emergency

Me: Yeah, someone was WRONG ON THE INTERWEBZ!

Operator: Third time this week!

Operator:*puts on sunglasses and bugs bunny costume to slap the guy who was wrong*

30-Sep-2014 21:56:24

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