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Yo Im here to do rap competitions.
Any one who can spit tha dopest rap without swearing. Will win 1m in-game money
This is the first time I'm doing this. So if it goes good I will continue when I have more money!
1.The Dopest Rap Wins
2.Anyone can Join
3.Who ever gets their thread Bumped/Supported the most by the end of the week Wins

Good Luck. and remember ANYONE can join...I do rap so beware, Im no joke!

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Few more rules been added Damn and Ass is ok but not Excessively. Use with caution! Don't wanna get this forum closed!
Also if you want to do a rap battle...then to ppl must let me know either in game or on thread. If I don't get to you right away then the 2 who wants to battle just please be patient and I will check when I can.

Freestyle rap Prizes=1m

Good luck to all

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Man deez suckaz tryna test me..Bless em wit da heat if dey tryna best me
catch em on da street dey get one in da chest B..n i aint playin wit you cowards
you dont wanna address me. Your swag aint sick you...cant impress me
my flows are so cold ya girl wanna un-dr3ss me..(haha)
clothes stay pressed, rockin shell toes swangin a bently..
im like NAS open a book of rhymes, now im killin you gently.
congrats you cats just opened a can of lyrical death G.

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I hate to disappoint you. I'm not try'na be mean. I am trying to anoint you with holy kerosene. Now, if you'll STOP! Drop and roll on this open flame, I'll ensure you get your fifteen minutes of fame. It's really getting scary what you'll do to get views, and a damn obituary still gets you on the news. Now I'm giving you a moment to choose, whether or not you think you've got nothing to lose. And me?
I already lost my life three times*BUT YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!!!!*. Well, that's society's crime. But you're right, I really shouldn't be standing here. So, for a moment I'd like to not act sincere.

Lyrical death indeed.
Idealism sits in prison. Chivalry fell on its sword.

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