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Welcome to the 3rd Rock Paper §cissors Forum Game. This is just a fun little game that you can enjoy playing. Almost exactly like the original Rock Paper Scissors. Rock smashes Scissors, Scissors cuts Paper, and Paper covers Rock (remember that any other item will automatically make you lose, unless you put what you mean in parentheses). or in simpler terms a greater than chart, but don't try to link this greater than sequence together
Rock > Scissors
Paper > Rock
Scissors > Paper

¹ How this will wórk...
Whenever you visit this thread just click on the reply and type Rock, Paper, or Scissors. Add your post and see if you beat the person above you. Do NOT look at the last post before you post (if you do, just wait until someone else posts you can see this by watching the thread in the forum games forum). When you come back to this thread click on reply again and post rock, paper, or scissors then look at your other post to see how you did against the person above and below your post. Remember no editing your posts;).

Remember to have fun, and if you decide to cheat because you want to wín, congratulations you cheated to wín in a fun thread where it doesn't matter because this is just a fun game:P

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