Lvl 3-126 Wildy Volcano

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The suggestion of this thread is to remove wilderness level restrictions in and around the Wilderness Volcano. There are several reasons as to why I believe this is a good thing.

1. Currently, any account collecting cursed energy can not teleport out of the Wilderness and can already be attackable by any level. A wa. rning message similar to the demonic skull would display overhead when entering the areaThis update would greatly help small teams, friends, and clans in harvesting the energy and essentially act as each other's protection.

2. This update would bring some level of territorial control. A big enough clan for instance could lock down every Volcano if they they wanted to (there's only 141 worlds) although this task would be herculean.

3. Groups of players harvesting cursed energy would make for a nice bit of loot with a "bigger fish" team, especially if players could be lulled into a false sense of security and not bank often.

In conclusion, getting rid of Wilderness restrictions basically mirrors what has been in old school Deadman Mode. While many might complain that cursed energy would be run by clans, it's important to keep in mind the number of worlds available (7-8 for sdmm, 141 for RS3) is vastly different, so shutting anyone out of cursed energy would be a heavy feat.

Updates like these are what's needed to help add a massive clan element to PvP that just doesn't happen anymore. Please leave your thoughts and comments below.

09-Jun-2018 01:37:27

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Three days of bumping later...I get the feeling that among the twelve people who browse this forum at all regularly, none of them had any thoughts they wanted to voice.

What I am understanding, is you want to be able to collect energy, presumably on a low level account, while your main or friends with high level accounts puppy-guard.

I don't think that they ever intended to make the volcano into a "let's beat up the noobs" pit, which makes me think your suggestion is not likely to occur.

Anyway just my thoughts.
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12-Jun-2018 16:06:49



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More fighting people who don't want to fight back no thanks.

Another skillers as bait for pkers plan clearly that is going so well.

They need to get people to want to fight for fun not world hop and avoid each other like the plague.

12-Jun-2018 16:19:45

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Elemental619 said:
Pvping in wildy should stay dead.

Pvp is only dead if you count the number of mains vs pures in old school (osrs is basically run by pures). Proportionally to game worlds and player base the Wilderness in rs3 is just as active as oldschool.

14-Jun-2018 00:39:05

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