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i wish some1 at jagex would have considered how rare the musician rob top is before adding it as a requirement for master clues
i got 5 million xp theiving and all that time i got 5 gloves 4 boot 4 bottom and no top
can some1 at jagex fix it ?

09-Jun-2018 21:54:23

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I think the outfit should be given out in order. It never became clear to me why you even could receive duplicates of those items and the 'fix' was allowing them to be disassembled. For some reason this also affects the thinker outfit (significantly more annoying due to wasting a potentially more valuable reward and not being able to disassemble it), but not the worker one. Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
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09-Jun-2018 22:41:37

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I went through the same thing in order to do a master clue. I got multiple gloves and boots before the robe top dropped for me. Hell, I got the thieving pet before I got robe top. I still do not have the bottoms to complete the set.

I am fine with it being rare but I do think that the issue of duplicates needs to be looked at. Duplicates should only come once the whole set has been received. Although why on earth duplicates are even necessary is beyond me.
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10-Jun-2018 21:55:29

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*whispers* costume skipping tickets.
I'd say i feel your pain, but sadly i can't, because I have found a top rather quickly, i'm even not at 99 Thieving yet.

But something needs to be fixed in my opinion tough, getting duplicates before a full outfit is annoying, especially when it reaches duplicate levels of 5+. So like... partial support?

14-Jun-2018 12:17:50

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