Should Barrows Be Buffed?

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Absolutely not. I am sick of combat being made so hard I can't even play the content with maxed stats, just because some elitist thinks its not hard enough. This is a Facebook thing Jagex is doing to give a gaming PC away, you don't need a Facebook account for it, just an email and your account name. https://woobox.***/47z5ch/kwr1d6

07-Jun-2018 20:32:23

FiFi La Frou
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No, should be left as it is. The Brothers used to be the Big Kahunas (many) years ago but they only rate as mid-level content now, and I think they should be left as that. There's plenty of much harder things to kill these days.
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07-Jun-2018 21:38:46

Sneaky Mario
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Sneaky Mario

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No. Go do some better bosses if it's too easy for you.
I`m sorry little Mario, but you are right. You really are a hopeless fool.

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08-Jun-2018 07:13:32

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Yeah, barrows is intended for lower combat levels. If everything was for maxed players, it would be really boring getting to maxed!

And lower levels are up to 3 times slower completing every run than you, so you make a much higher margin. Intended as such.

08-Jun-2018 07:28:00

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