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I'd like to know some of the following;

Phoenix pets
Dragonstone armor
Demon flash mob titles
BH emblem upgrades
Ancient ceremonial from mages in the kc room and from nex minions
Onyx from the cauldron
Brawlers and crystal acorns from priff elves
Sceptre of the gods
Gemstone armor
RDT - Vecna skull/shield left half/HSR etc
Raptor key parts and weapon rates from opening the chest
TDS limbs/claws and lumps
Lava wyrm weapons on and off task rates
Vinny, from the lost grove
Cinderbane glove on and off task rates
Elite mob weapons (camel staff/wyvern cbow/ripper claws)
Strange token from DG
Slayer creature souls
Nightmare gaunts on and off task rates
Hexhunter bow
Corrupted gem, mainhand and offhand t82 Khopesh from slayer/shifting tombs
Gud rider from goblin raids

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