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I’d like to request Revenants. A monster with so many drops, with varying factors would be awesome to have revealed. It would also set rest to some questions like does the level of the Rev affect the quality of the drop and does Jennicas Ring really affect Artifact drops or their particular drop (IE Dragon Scimitar from Rev Dragon).

03-Nov-2017 11:41:04

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Drop Rate Blog requests:

* Pyramid Plunder:
the chances to obtain a Pharaoh's sceptre (from a grand chest and from a sarcophagus), and the chance to obtain the Sceptre of the Gods and a Jewelled diamond statuette from the Engraved sarcophagus.

* High-level Slayer monsters:
the chance to obtain a Camel staff, Ripper claw/Off-hand ripper claw, and the Wyvern crossbow from Camel warriors, Ripper demons, and Living wyverns.

* Fishing Trawler minigame:
The chance to obtain a Shark's tooth, a Shimmering shell, a Glistening shell, a Raw tiger shark

The chance to obtain a big swordfish, big bass, or a big shark while fishing.

The chance to find the Clean necklace while cleaning finds in the Varrock Museum.

Temple trekking / Burgh de Rott ramble:
The chance for an undead lumberjack to drop a piece of the lumberjack outfit.

* The chance for the Lava Nymph to appear in
Lava Flow Mine

* The chance for rubble to spawn in
Flash Powder Factory
, and the rubble drop table breakdown

* The chance to get the monkey skull from a zombie impling
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Mod Shauny said:
The base chance to obtain the Last Riders book is 1/1,000, but this has bad luck protection on it meaning that every kill where you don't receive one reduces this number by one. So for example, if I have 560 KBD kills but no book, my chance is now 1/440. This continues all the way up until 1,000 kills where your 1,000th kill will have a guaranteed book drop.

Correct me if I am wrong, but bad luck mitigation only activates after the number of kills it would take on average to get a drop (1000 here). So the example you give with 560 KBD kills will still yield you a chance of 1/1000 of getting a book the next kill. Only at 1560 kills would you have a 1/440 chance.

I'd also like to say that bad luck mitigation has not seen much further implementation past these lore books, while it is an elegant drop mechanic to ensure those that are unlucky they will at least be able to work towards a drop rather than facing the same odds ad infinitum.
Notable places where bad luck mitigation could (should) be implemented are:
- Deamonheim Misc. Notes 16-20
- Kal'Gerion battle commendations
- Menaphos gems and insects
- Slayer Codex souls
- Champion scrolls (yes I know a hot potato no one wants to deal with given the opinion many have that other should go through the same struggle they did. Probably best to leave this one be, as unjust as it may be..)
You may notice I have completed the slayer codex and Menaphos journal, as well as getting the Kal'gerion titles I wanted. But I wish there is a fair playing field for all, where RNG does not overly dictate these rare untradeable drops.
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Mod Shauny said:
10/1,280 chance for the KBD trophy head

I must be really lucky / unlucky then. I have 6 of the bloody things from him and I have not even killed 500. Things are pretty useless.

03-Nov-2017 16:44:56

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People have mentioned some really interesting ones so I'll just pick my favourites.

I'd really want to know the chances for:

-shark tooth from fishing trawler
-revenant drops
-slayer codex souls
-vinny pet
-abyssal hound pet
-both of the khopesh drops
-abomination cape
-the raptor slayer mobs (lv 96 requirement)

Yeah why not:

-the 2 sceptres from pyramid plunder
-the big fish (I assume those are same in osrs so 1/1k, 1/2,5k and 1/5k)

03-Nov-2017 19:31:05

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