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Thanks for these Timbo.

I would really like to know the drop rate formula of "Abyssal Hound pet" from Shattered Worlds.

Would also like to know "Vinny"'s Drop rate from Wisps of the grove D&D
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In addition to skilling pets:

-Brawling gloves from slayer
-Brawling gloves, clan symbols, trisk keys from EC PP
-crystal triskellion rates for gemstone pieces
-crystal key
-Gemstone dragons hybrid armors
-Demon Flash Mobs titles
-Rune dragon boot pieces
-Clue scroll drop rates, from thieving, combat, etc
-Razorback Gaunts from Airut, Grips from Asc, Handwraps from Celestial
-Farming: Chance of trees, herbs, fruit trees, allptments, etc. dying. Chance to yield x herbs
-Treasure Hunter rates. Chance of 200M gp or other red/purples

I'm also interested in how Death picks a Reaper task for you, ie what are the chances of a higher level boss vs a lower level boss

Apologies if some of these are already known.

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Tds Gerard
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In Timbo's latest post he mentioned that the chance of obtaining a corrupt dragon item from revs is 2/revnumber. Based on my own experience I would say he probably means that the chance of receiving a specific corrupt dragon item from a rev is 2/revnumber, making the chance of receiving any corrupt dragon item 22/revnumber, or slightly higher than the chance of receiving (corrupt) ancient warriors equipment. Does this match anyone elses experience?

18-Nov-2017 14:41:25

Revenant Cat

Revenant Cat

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Idk how to figure out the rev formula.

Essentially @ Dragon the droprate is 1/5k is what I'm reading for ancient stat

I got 2 in 40 mins from Ork and Demon...Cannot be accurate.

That doesn't include all the other drops I've had...1 drop an hour is nowhere close to 1/5k or 1/60k

In all my time at Revs though I've only had 1 brawler (range) across all accs.
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